Nightmares and visions

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Nightmares and visions inform the waking world. Children know it. A dream and a nightmare are synonymous for the child and psychonaut, images of sworling madness, the snares of hell, and the trappings of heaven and earth are all one, kings an gods and children are one. Nightmares and visions are the artist's wellspring and greatest desire. Ask a poet or artist which they desire and they will ask for a nightmare, not a dream. Sweet nothings and candy hearts are the domain of the soul nonetheless and can destroy and create an artist. Let the visions haunt you with your lies and let them show you the face of your god and know that they are you and know that the world is a dream and you are the dreamer and know that to die is not to awaken but merely to end the dream. Know that every other human being is a dreamer of the world as well and that your dream is no more or less real than theirs. There is a waking world but only the unloving can see it, only a machine can see it. We are in that world but we walk in a dream, and all that we are is a dream. A nightmare. A vision. Let the beauty of filth and bile fill your lungs and let the glory of everlasting light and clarity fill your mind and let the wonder of the intricacy of nature to fill your dreams. Your nightmares are blessings and your dreams are reality. Know that your life is precious and all lives are precious and all dreams are equal and all dreamers and visionaries are equal and know your life is beautiful and feed on that beauty because that beauty is all you will ever truly have. Good night and may you awaken to a new beauty.