Once upon a Time in Southtown, Three Very Short Stories

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This was some years ago and my mem may be fuzzy, after it did wake up half of the neighborhood presumably. I woke up around 02:00 or 03:00 to the sound of people yelling about something. I was angered because my slumber had been disturbed but I was also very sluggish so I did nothing. So then there was shouting, a bunch of people shouting "no!".

Then there was a gun shot and shit went bananas from there. Everyone was going apeshit at this point screaming and shit, and I got up to see what was so interesting, an old jeep went down the street slowly and some idiot on a bike followed soon after the jeep. The jeep stopped in the middle of street out of my view from my window.

"Are you guys ok?", asks the idiot wearing a baseball hat and sunglasses on his bicycle at 03:00. Some talking later took place there but was unintelligible. A few police cars went down to the action some minutes later, average response time five minutes, spot on as always.

There was also another time in which I was in my room again in the night. I was watching some late night tv around 23:15, Swat Kats to be specific.

There I am in bed minding my own business, but not for long! I see a few faint flashes at my windows, even though all's quiet. So I go to take a peak and see police cars lined up and down the street with obligatory ambulances and fire response trucks. Two policemen were jumping fences with flashlights searching for someone presumably.

And soon a spotlight helicopter showed up, whoever they were looking for I assume they caught the bastard. There was no mention of it in the news anywhere in the following daytime all the way to 00:00. Nothing the next day, or the day after.

Another time I was awaken in the dead of the night 03:50, by a crash. I was like "Oh shit, some stop sign running asshole t-boned someone at the four-way again". Upon going to my mother's room she asked what was going on. I went to her window and tried to lookout to the four-way. Turns out the car hit right into my neighbors home.

They were ok it turns out, my neighbors. The driver of the car was a drunk. Policemen and fire response showed up within the average response time.


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Are these stories related in any way?

Why didn't you just ask anyone about these incidents?

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only for the reason that there's nothing of value to be gained.

Story one, a party just gone bad.

Story two, police jump on some bad guys they've been given reason to approach with extreme caution.

Story three, idiots get drunk and drive, assholes.

None of these stories are related however, they are just an account of crazy shit that can happen around here.