Im fucked up.

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Basically since this past weekend things have been getting crappier. So this last weekend at a party I was drunk as usual and well I kissed a girl and then a guy, but kissing him was more like and impulse that my drunken brain decided to follow; the guy didn't do anything so I thought that he was ok with it, but boy I was really wrong. He added me im fb and just messaged me that he was really mad about it, that if I keep talking about it he'll beat the crap out of me (which is weird because I told 4 people about it) and that now I'm making stuff and telling people about it which is a total bullshit because I told my classmates that I kissed a guy, but didn't tell them the name and good them that I stole the kiss and I guess that I have a suspect that might be the one that generated all this problems and she's a fiend of mine and she had a stupid crush on him, they kissed one night, but they stopped and she developed another crush for another guy, so basically this girl got mad at me because I did that and she even texted him to confirm it and who knows what else she told him so she might be the bitch about the rumors and it's just the most stupid thing ever in the world.

I kinda need your help guys. If things get worse I'll update this and probably use some laws to help me even if I have to come out to my family. I need to talk with some friends first and I'll see what I will reply. I will be strong and careful plus I need something to at least give a fight even if I have to destroy the poor guys mind.


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Kind of a delayed negative reaction to being kissed by a guy, no?

Can't you just apologize, say you were drunk, and leave it there? I mean, if you kiss someone openly at a party, it's not really something you have control over at this point.

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My suggestion,

stop getting so drunk so that you can avoid moments like that. Or at least try not to get that drunk while you're still in high school.