It's been a long time.

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So weird writing a journal entry right now. Its been well over a year since I posted my last entry. I can't believe the website is going to be gone this November! I've been posting on here since my Freshman year of high school.. its kind of amazing having an actual place to look back on the mindset of my fifteen-sixteen year old self. A lot has changed ( thank god)

Not quite sure how I ended up writing this, but here I am! I went through and read some of my old journal entries and I honestly can't believe the shit I wrote on here lol. It's bizarre seeing posts about me doing stupid, self destructive things. But I guess that was my way of getting it all out. This site has done a lot for me, I'm really thankful I sort of stumbled upon it all that time ago.

It really pleases me to be able to say I've cleaned up my life. Anyone who has been on the site awhile might remember that I was a pretty big train wreck haha. I've been legitimately clean since last August, with no relapses. I've finally found real, true friends. They never pass judgement on the things I do or say, and we all are just our own little ragtag group of goofballs. Pluuuuuuuus, I've started doing Drag! I'm still in the busted, butch queen part of the process, but I get a real sense of happiness and satisfaction when I do it. I think I really will pursue it.

Okay, that was my positive post. Yay! First one *~Ever~* I'm gonna go read some entries and make some comments. Bye.


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Glad to see you again,

I too look back at the dumb shit I journaled here and facepalm to the max. But we all do change! :-)

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Sounds like you're in a good place... congrats!

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles