Missed Gay Pride Thanks

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I've been disappointed all day after looking forward to it for a month. Thanks again, I really loved feeling detached from another chance to join such a wonderful social gathering of people whom I can relate to, thanks. I really love this feeling, it's been awhile since genuine disappointment has paid me a visit.

Congrats I think for a moment or two I considered leaving the house a for a few hours to drown my disappointment in caffeine. A blueberry yogurt muffin and frap, or if I really wanted, a vanilla bean scone. Because fuck it if my body decided it wanted to feel so drained that I wanted to sleep the day away.

Fuck it if I wanted to attempt ignoring all the fun in which I was missing. Fuck it if I needed a vacation from the four walls I could find if I were blind. I didn't need sunlight and fresh air, I didn't need to make new friends, no I just need to stay here and do nothing.

You won't read this. Please reconsider your plans next so we don't have a collision in planning, I have plans. I'm not fucking incompetent, and I absolutely abhore those implications when you make them. I'm old enough to get somewhere myself, I've done that shit before. Stop with this shit and give me space.


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If it's any sort of consolation,

I completely missed Pride too :/ I sat at home all day and stuffed my face. Your entry makes me want muffins. Thought I'd add that as well.

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I love muffins,

wish I had some banana ones, it's been a few years since I've had those. Those're a luxury item to me at this point. lol

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Aren't you a big public transportation user? Why couldn't you have routed around a flaky friend? You just have to dress in regular clothes for the bus, bring a backpack, and then put your rainbow thong on at pride. Easy!

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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It just didn't work out,

I'm still very fucking pissed about it. I would write more but even now I'm still very upset and resentful. I honestly thought that would wear off after a week.