Strange It Seems

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I've had a set of emotions that run through me like mustangs in my current age. The many nights of thought which lulled me to sleep. How I came to the point in which romantic love became something important to myself, that may never have an answer. It's given me many thoughts and analysis on the matter.

I've stated that love seems to be something I'm ready to pursue, and I'm okay with that. Sometimes it seems awkward for me to give analysis on these feelings/emotions but I do. There are times I'm in bed in the night and I contemplate what to do with myself. Should I go right into the dating pool and throw caution to the wind?

Or should I play it safe and continue with my studies and having no restrictions? Well love isn't a restriction, I know, if it's really love it's all good. But a romantic relationship requires time, it requires energy, it has many variables and thus I'm not sure if I can accomplish that balancing act. I am afraid one would outweigh the other.

Life is taking risks, but which are the ones worth taking? Logically to me one will most definately outweigh the other, I'm not the best at balancing. Maybe I'll just take that risk and maybe it won't be bad after all. But ultimately I'm afraid of failure, I truly am. Then again life is making mistakes, picking yourself up and trying again.

And here I am considering all these things when I've never bothered with such things ever in my lifetime, until two years ago. It's quite the predicament and time waits for no one, yes not even one. Reminds me of the Lego movie... I need a set of instructions for this one. But thinking outside the box is art in itself, strange it seems.