The Breakup

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Cheaters lie and liars cheat. They may say they love you but they will grasp at straws and draw you back in. They may change but it's too late and there's no one you can tell they are genuine. They might say they don't want to hurt you but it's because it's about the guilt and shame. They might reflect but they've already broken that trust. It's a shame because it's not just about the cheating it's about lieing about the cheating. In a weird way I've already given him so many second chances.

They are in a dark spot and they want that stability. They are probably insecure. I hope he copes okay with the problems in his life but I can no longer be there for him. I will probably miss him but that's not enough. It wasn't enough to stop him from lieing and cheating. People cheat for reasons beyond love, and people break up for reasons other than love too. Sometimes it's just the right thing to do.


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Everything ends up being

Everything ends up being about them.

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About how they didn't want

About how they didn't want to hurt the only person they loved and cry but not realise the hurthad already been inflicted by them and it's no longer up to them to decide.

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The type of individual you're describing…

besides being excessively egocentric behavior… there's also a good chance of autism being involved: totally incapable of reading another's feelings or emotions.

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Or perhaps more likely...

There isn't enough information to actually suggest a diagnosis so perhaps you should keep mental illness the fuck out of a subject in which it's not fucking involved.

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And as I stand here, strange and fearful,
beholding heaven at the peak,
I know that to complete my journey
still stranger pastures must I seek.

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You're qualified to make this critical assessment?

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Breaking up sucks. I think

Breaking up sucks. I think when a third person or people come into play it is definitely worse. If you are the one that has been cheated on, it's almost as if the breaking up is left up to you to do but you have also been left without an option but to break up either. It is a horrible place to be on. All you can do is take comfort in you did the right thing for you, and focus on what's best for you now.
Good luck, it sucks, and then eventually it get's better again.

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