The most beautiful thing i have ever witnessed

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I'm so sorry... sad, actually

that you have had these failed relationships... particularly since initially they looked so promising... :(

(The first paragraph, however, is beautifully idyllic...)

Regrettably, I have no nostrum. However, were I there a half world away... I'd gladly give you a long, silent, and hopefully calming embrace!

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So... my comment now resides without any reference!

I thought those days were long gone. :(

But... I'm left scratching my head. You could have just deleted the entire journal rather than replacing it with "Omitted." No eyebrows would have been raised and the slate would have been wiped clean taking my comment (above) along for the ride!

btw... It was movingly written... and I thought it deserved to remain... others here have experienced similar bf traumata and could have surely benefitted from knowing that they were not alone!

I suppose you'll not reconsider...

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You could delete your comment? If the main recipient of the comment is Uncertain, and it's not like thousands of others are reading this, then it served its purpose...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I was quite aware of that option!

And… I seriously considered it.

At the time when Uncertain deleted (omitted) his journal, my comment was the only one posted. Yours had not yet appeared!

He had to be aware that his post could have been removed --- along with my comment --- by the simple expediency of deletion… none would be the wiser!

However, I am aware that Uncertain is quite astute. And, although I have no way of discerning what his exact thought processes may have been at the time, it is only natural for any reader to infer them (with all the risks that entails):

(1) He wanted readers to be aware that he had written something that he no longer felt comfortable sharing. (Why? Only he knows for sure.) This "communication" could not have been achieved by the expediency of mere deletion!

(2) And, another obligatory guess… he wanted readers to see my dangling comment. (Again, why? Only he knows.)

As I continue to have the highest regard for Uncertain's mental acuity and achievements, I opted to leave things as I assumed he wished.

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The journal entry is hidden.

The journal entry is hidden. The content is technically still there and can be restored by a simple edit. I often write things just to process my thoughts but often afterwards I feel weird about having written them. I do appreciate your comments. The main reason I post here is I do have an emotional attachment to this site, thus I continue to post here as a habit, and also for consistency, until when the site ends so there will be continuity for all my content.

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Thank you...

This explanation is very much appreciated!

I can fully understand "having 2nd thoughts" about what we've written.

For me, I have a huge backlog of entries composed in Word with the intention of posting... but now reside in "documents" having never been sent. They're retained... just "in case"...

Fear that I may be misunderstood, or a friendship lost being the main excuse for holding back...

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I read this yesterday but figured I'd reply later, but now the text is gone. I know it had a relationship ending in there... so, the key takeaway is that initial relationships are not typically meant to be the long-term ones. Instead, they teach you what you want from a relationship, help you dial in who you are in a relationship, and once you get all of that calibrated, you're more open to, and ready for, the right person. Even if you're friend getting married is the same age, that wouldn't mean you're behind the curve now, if anything she is in front of it. I think you'll be fine...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I always miss whatever Uncertain writes...