I am so sick of every thing

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I cant even begin to describe it, every day I just want to crawl into a cave and stay there. My parents might be fighting, they won't tell me or my sister what about but I know they are keeping a secret from us. My sister is sixteen and she has a boyfriend and he is always at the house. So its either moody sixteen year old or goofy-dating-teenager. Me, I'm stuck here thinking "the person I have a crush on probably isn't lesbian. She could be bisexual, but what are the chances?" Due to a recent discovery, aka last night while her, my best friend, and I were watching the premier of season two to our favorite TV show and talking about, well anything, she said she had a crush on a guy is our grade the whole year. One of my favorite animals is the lobster. Lobsters don't feel this kind of pain, they may be eaten but if they crawl into a cave and are never found then they won't be.


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Not sure how much of a discovery that is. Even if she were gay or bi, if she thinks you're straight, she's more likely to just pretend she likes guys.

I'm not saying she doesn't like guys and isn't straight, but all of the evidence you give to other people would probably make them assume you are straight, too, no?

Lobsters do feel pain, though. They don't hide their sexuality or have crushes on other lobsters without telling them, though. That part is true. ;-)

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