I still don't know

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My best friend is coming over for a sleep over, I know it sounds totally girly but it's still fun. None of that make over, chic flick, or gossip business. We may paint our nails or do a few prank calls, get a youtube account I don't know. I am really excited.
Best friend doesn't know I'm lesbian
I don't have a crush on her
I HAD a crush on her other friend
She might hate me cause she's catholic or a scared misinformed tween
Or she might not
I don't know if I should tell her. If I do I know I'll tell her at the end of the sleepover, just in case it goes wrong. Other people that know have said things like "Go with you gut", "go with your heart", or even " Wait until you have made new friends in your new school so when you do tell her if it goes wrong you won't be alone" But I still don't know.


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"get a youtube account"?

What excitement am I missing there?! ;-)

I do know there will never be a perfect time to tell anyone, but that if you can't tell people because you are afraid to lose a friend... well, do you have a friend if that's true?

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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again I still don't know

Sleep over was canceled, I caught a cold so my friend couldn't come. I think she's a true friend but I really don't know. We might reschedule though.