i'm shitty at writing poems when i'm happy

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I have this nice journal with beautiful, naturally made paper and I have nothing to write in it because I'm not sad now. I kind of wish I had something to write in there about, but I'm not used to expressing happiness, so it's difficult thinking of words.

The school changed my schedule without telling me, so things have been altered and I managed to get a second class with Netah. That's brought my mood up even more than the Renaissance fair and the package from Canada did. Even if it is Platonic, I'm really proud of the level of respect I seem to have from him. Sometimes it seems like he looks forward to our time together even more than I do. I wish I had more to say about that, but it really doesn't mean much of anything other than making me happy.

Actually, I just remembered how unhappy school makes me. I'll just bring my journal there and it'll probably go better.


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No... Don't go there!

Please... capitalize on your good fortune. Dwelling on what you don't like is much too destructive...

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Doing a journal is a great

Doing a journal is a great idea, and I've been doing one since I was in 6th grade. It give me a record of places I've lived and the good and bad times in each one, and shows how much I've changed in the last few years.

My Mom doesn't know I have a journal, so I can write stuff that she wouldn't really want to read.


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I won't be using it as an actual journal.

I'll be using it to write poems. This is where I write my journal entries. So it'll be sort of like a journal, except really messy and hard to understand for anyone else, and also filled with unfinished passages. I hope to be much better at writing by the time it's filled up.

I actually did just finish a poem in there that I'm moderately proud of and that took a while to write.