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I was just at province town for four days. The day before that I was talking to my mom about the four of us going (mom, dad, sister, me) and she told me she she had bad news, that my sister couldn't come. She's been depressed for two years so she's really behind in school so (as a punishment?) she had to stay home and do school work. Me; I want to be in school it distracts me from being depressed. But there was good news, my best friend (i'll just say Ari for privacy) was coming. The one who i can't figure out if I should tell her I'm lesbian or not. one night i was so set one telling her that I almost did except the fact that if she decided she hated me she would be trapped miles away from home. I THINK she'll be fine with it. 90% of province town is GLBTQ, Ari "saw a man in a dress" as she put it and said she loved it. More good news, the guy who I was scared had a crush on me, (Ni for privacy) well Ari told me he has a crush on some girl I don't even know! I think I'll tell Ari but after school starts.