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I wrote before that I'm now home schooled, and I'm now going to write about the realities of it, both good and bad.

I'm enrolled as a student at my hometown middle school and I take the same classes as my friends, using the same books. The biggest difference is the amount of time I spend, which is around 4-5 hours a day. I also have the option of moving at a faster or slower pace, but I'm actually ahead of my peers now and school just started for them. There's a minimum number of days I have to be in school (180) but I go beyond that.

The biggest advantage I have is not dealing with all the stupid things that go on in school: Peer pressure, drama, and boredom. I also don't worry about I'm going to wear, or how I look, or if anyone's going to notice that monster zit on my nose?

I start my day at 7:00 A.M., begin my classes at 8:00 and then am done by 1:00-2:00, with just bathroom breaks. Then the rest of the day is mine, but sometimes I'll go to a museum or do research at the local library. Unlike my friends I do my homework early in the day when possible.

One disadvantage is I can't get instant feedback from a teacher if I have questions about the assignments, but I can always e-mail the teacher or text my friends at home if I need to. Usually I figure things out on my own.

One frustration I deal with is being restless, and I work out every day and am very physical when I'm not doing schoolwork. I do workouts similar to what Lanky Spider does in his YouTube videos, if any of you are familiar with him? You can do quite a bit with one of those over the door pull of things and push up handles! I'm real skinny, about 110 pounds but cut and real strong too. There's usually a batting cage place in each town where we live so I can keep up and improve my baseball skills, which really is a huge part of my life. If we live in a city with a major or minor league baseball team I go to as many games as I can. That has also led to hookups.

I try to run a few miles each day, either outside or on a treadmill, and every apartment complex and Holiday Inn Express has a fitness center, and I like to swim. I've met a few of the boys (and girls too) that I've hooked up with at the pool.

Depending on where I live, once the school work's done for the day I sometimes go to the mall or explore the local area. I carry a note signed by my Mom saying that I'm a home schooled student, and I've had to pull it out a few times. Mall security has given me a hard time, but I guess they're doing their job?

I've been playing guitar for a few years and that also gives me something go focus on and takes away from some of the boredom I deal with. It's also a good way to make friends, and several times has led to a hookup or even a longer relationship.

Because I usually don't have homework I can go and try to have a social life, and I go to a local school for a least a few days to try and make friends, even if I know I'm going to home school. Having friends my age, even if they're just for a few months, makes this lifestyle so much more bearable.

Is home schooling for everyone? No, but if you make the most of it I think you'll be better off than your friends and peers at a traditional school.

I haven't written much about being gay yet and in my next journal I want to go into that, and also some of my experiences. Traveling so much has made me creative in how I deal with relationship, especially gay ones.



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I'm liking your journals so

I'm liking your journals so far, you have an interesting life, and seem to handle change well.

There's a lot of home schooled kids where I live, but most of them do it for religious reasons or they have parents that are against organized schools. My school district is a good one, highly rated, and I have nothing to complain about.

I love Lanky Spider's vids, I'm sure he has lots of gay followers : ) I've been doing tons of working out this summer and running with Colin and we both made the Cross Country team! It's going to be a lot of hard work but I'm so excited! For a short slightly overweight guy Colin can move!

I love baseball too, last summer dad and I went on a road trip with my brother Michael visiting different cities with Minor League Baseball teams. It was so much fun! We were hoping to go to the Little League World Series this year but it didn't happen :(

I like how you're building things up, not really talking about anything gay just yet. Makes me check this site a few times a day to see if you have a new journal!


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I think we have this mutual admiration thing going on here!

My (Dad's) parents used to live in Williamsport, PA and I got to go to the LLWS a few times (they retired and moved to Florida). Lots of fun memories and great baseball there! I also love the minors, got to check out a bunch of those games in the different places we've lived. That sounds like a fun time you had with your Dad and brother on that trip too.

I've been in a few situations where parents have assumed that I'm home school because of religion, fortunately not too often. I think that's more common in the South?

Overweight boys are usually real strong, stronger than they realize because of all the extra weight they have. Strong legs can = a faster runner.