January 2000

Welcome back. In this issue I will recall a dream I had. Nothing overtly gay, nothing sexual at all, it just struck me as beautiful. Besides, it will give those who sent me their writing a chance to read my writing. I know I haven't been writing about the drama of being gay, but that will come, once I experience it. So for your reading pleasure, my dream.

A large body of water lies under a sky of stars. From nowhere, a boat appears, in the sky. A wooden boat suspended by three wires. Two at the back, one at the front. A figure sits in the boat. It is a shadow without form. The wooden boat floats slowly, rising and falling, tilting to the left, to the right. The figure sits calmly in the dark, purple tinted sky. Suddenly, the figure rises and the boat stops. The boat capsizes. The figure stands, as if nothing has happened. The figure extends an arm holding an umbrella. The umbrella is opened, it is only the framework. The framework catches fire. The scene is still. The sea, the figure, only the fire glimmers. The purple sky grows deeper, and the boat moves. The back starts to move upward. The figure stands proudly. The umbrella, ablaze. The boat slowly sinks into darkness. It is sinking, the boat is sinking midair. As the boat slips under, the figure still is proud. The fire, is slowly extinguished. The boat is gone, smoke is all that remains. The purple fades to black.

There, my writing in its roughest form. But I think that gives you some idea of my style, if it is only a framework. Now, I get to thank those who wrote for your great input, and your great writing. Keep it coming. I will try to get some more of my writing up, once I refine it. After all, I think it would be a nice escape from my boring life of sleep and work (that is literally all I do, depressing isn't it?) Hmm. Well that didn't hurt much did it?

Oh, and a bit of randomness. I saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Deborah (Debbie) Gibson, and one of the Cassidys and the 2nd Osmond generation. Random cast, but I was digging the musical, the last one I think I would have liked. So there. Another musical for your consideration. I will be seeing La Boheme in January (to counteract the piece of crap that is Rent) and then Dralion (Cirque Du Soleil!!!!!!!!!!) In Feb. So I will have something to write about. So in review, write to me, but if you burn me for hating Rent, you will be ignored.

Looking forward to see how many people I have now lost due to my comments (I hate Star Wars too, if it helps any.)

"He's dead, murdered, and someone's responsible."-Plan 9



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