EJ Chasse

January 2000

The Economics of Love

Previously I have been either political, or emotional, and usually angry, but today I am writing about love...and I am not angry or upset.

I am not in love, if that is what you are thinking. However, I have come to some interesting conclusions about love. Love is like an economy. There are consumers (people who want to be loved), producers (people who want to love), products, commodities, and other fun stuff.

I'm nuts right? Right. But read on. It makes kind of sense.

First off, there are many more consumers than producers, that's why we have a scarcity problem. Why people live and die alone and unhappy is because no one is producing the love they want, or the love they are producing is not a valued product. No one wants to invest in them, the producer, as a commodity, thus they are alone.

Then there are the people who have very rare, or valued product, whether they are attractive, or rich, or really really sweet, or what not. These people often find happiness, however, some become this type of over consumer, because this is a barter system...you know, I give you my love for some of you love, or I give you sex for some sex...etc., etc., etc., they begin to take more than they give, these are like the whores of the planet. Sometimes. Sometimes it just people who need a lot of love.

Why am I making this analogy? Well, it relates well to my life, and it has help a couple of people understand their lives too. When I first realized I was gay, and came out and what not, I was the number one producer. I had a monopoly. If someone wanted Gay experience, or wanted a gay relationship, they went through me. However, there were no buyers. No one wanted to acknowledge that they needed that product. Because of that, I had a surplus, and I had to carry the burden of that.... thus I was very lonely, except when I was in one of my rare stable relationships in HS.

Ok. You still with me? If not, just quit reading because it gets harder.

Then I came to college. A half way attractive freshman at PSU is a fairly high quality commodity. However, I had issues, and still do now that I think of it. So my stock dropped as it were. People didn't buy, I had a surplus yet again, so I got lonelier, and lonelier. To the point that people stayed away because they knew I was on the way down. Then I became a consumer more than a producer. As a consumer, I had a great deal of buying power because I was a half-decent looking freshman. But, I over-consumed. So my stock dropped further, and my buying power decreased.

Then I stopped consuming. I started to claim that I was worthwhile to date, and that I was not as bad as people thought I was...or as I thought I was. All the sudden, my stock begin to rise a bit. And if it rises, people look to buy (thus if you are lost at the point, people started to see me as dateable). My stock rose more and more when people started to look to me to date. Finally I saw a couple of buyers that had something worth trading for (like a good steady relationship).

Well, then we have the problem with stocks, there is always risk involved (in this case, they could cheat, or they could be nutcases, or something worse). However, I think I have found one or two buyers that maybe golden buys...because if you buy when someone's chips are down and take a leap of faith...and they are really worth while...you keep them forever. Anyway, the only problem I have is that one guy who lives 90 miles away, is reluctant to sell. Which sucks. I like him, and he is definitely worth while. BUT...he has to be selling.

Moral of the story. Until recently, I was selling my soul, but no one was buying. Now, I got the goods that everyone seems to want, but the people I want to sell to are reluctant to trade with me.

Which means no one wants to jump into a relationship yet.... but they are really thinking about it.

(For those who totally missed the analogy, but wanted to read what I had to say. It's like this: I met someone, under very bad circumstances {a one night stand}, and it turned into a two night stand. He was 26, and lived in H-Burg. So I wasn't going to see him again. Wrong. We talked and talked on-line. And I began to develop feelings for him. But, seemingly he didn't for me. Faster than you can say 'Seth syndrome' he admitted that he was really 32, and that he lied to me because he didn't think I was going to be anything to him, but now there is a possibility. So I spend a weekend with him, and I am really starting to get to know him and care. He is nervous and doesn't want to jump into anything with an unpredictable 19-year-old {even though I feel like I am 19 going on 40 with everything I have been through}. He does a lot of hooking up on line, which makes me nervous, but I don't have him in a relationship yet. So who knows. Anyway, as SOON as I mention the fact I have someone who may care for me as I care for them...people crawl out of the woodwork telling me how much they like me. What bullshit. Now they tell me, when I am not feeling so alone....I hate this town.)

Until then, happy trading I guess.


E.J. Chasse


(Author's note, by the time this is published, I better damn well know whether or not my top prospect is going to buy or not...so those who read my stuff regularly...consider this old news).

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