January 2000

The New YEAR.

2000. Two Thousand years. Of course, we're actually at 1999 right now. You can't count it as 2000 years until 2001. After all, you don't say someone's a year old until it's been a few months, right? But it doesn't feel different. Of course, people envision this to be different. 2000 is the future, right? Sorta. The humanoid beings as a collective envision this to be the millennium of "Cleaning up the earth" and "Great Change!" and "Tolerance of Gays", etc, etc. 2000 years.

"Happy Birthday, Mr. President."

My birthday was December 19th. Happy B-Day to me. To celebrate, I cut off all my hair. Yep...my chin length hair was pretty much shaved off. A Brad Pitt Haircut. Not that I'll ever look that good with an identical hair cut.. Mmm...Brad Pitt. AHEM, anyway, but I think it works. And my awful mother succeeded in ruining my birthday with some petty, ridiculous scene...I won't go into that.

"The Sky is Falling!"

I've always loved Decembers. But...this December wasn't mildly different. It was a blizzard of chaos and annoyance. I spent the entire month pissed at myself. About one thing....

New Year's Resolutions.

My Resolution last year was to find a boyfriend. Yes, a boyfriend. Someone who lives locally, has class, is polite, makes me laugh, won't be rude, and WILL NOT talk about himself the whole time. That's why I'm here. Heh, Just kidding. What will I do this year as my resolution? To stop being so judgmental? To stop falling in love with the drop of a hat? To not lose my temper so much? To learn to accept ignorance? To not kickbox the homophobic jocks? To...fall in love again? I consider myself lucky how things actually work out. I have great friends...I have one in particular. An angel. A shy angel that is so pure, her words speak out with such emotion...yet she is this gorgeous person...physically and mentally. Ryan. Yes, It's a she. Thank god for Angels.

"News Flash. Jocks Suck. Except for the really cute, sensitive ones. But they only exist in Legends...."

"I fell asleep to the sounds of the moon gliding across the Star Ocean, and my mind opened a gate for me in which I spoke sacred words, and held a tangible key. I drowned to enter it, and in this world, all spoke yes and greeted each other by a tender keepsake. Everyone spoke the same message, yet in an infinite number of ways, and I saw my own heart's reflection in each eye, and I, and I, and I, lost myself in one certain pair of eyes. I woke up, losing the tangible key and the gate...I forgot the way to the gate.

And I went off and saw this pair of eyes (Awake awayke away) and I drowned again. In those eyes. Your eyes." ~me

Je t'aime. Sorry. I had to scribble this article out at the last moment.

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