January 2000

Okeydokey, faithful readers, right now we're taking a little twist from the beaten path, and going into the genre that's on the fault line between speaking to you and corniness because right now I'm way too lazy to actually write an article for this month. So this is something I already wrote. And, sure, maybe I left you hanging last month (or maybe not... maybe you could care less) but I'm going to leave you waiting this month yet again, and give you this. Dammit, you can wait. Ummm what else to say... Hey Andrew a.k.a. Kid-In-My-Chem-Class-Who-I-Obsess-Over-Daily-Who-I-Can-Feel-Staring-At-The-Back-Of-My-Head-And-Every-Time-I-Look-You-In-The-Face, if you're reading this, either ask me out, or don't keep staring at me!!! Arrrrgh!!!!!

(This article I already wrote for somebody else, so if it sounds especially... well thought out, planned, and relatively less hyper than everything else I write, that's because it is.)

Lately I've taken interest in Christianity and I don't know why. Call it a phase. Anyway, lately I've been debating a lot with the oh-so unaccepting, conservative kids of the Singapore American School about the Bible. FYI-I consider myself a pagan who follows Quaker and Unitarian principles. But anyway, the Singapore American School has a huge Christian population, and I just suddenly picked up a Bible and started talking. And somehow, we got on the subject of gay Christians. Without actually having read the entire Bible (oh come on, gimme a break; could you not be a Christian and read ALL of the Bible? I think not) I naively said 'Homosexuality isn't against the Bible. What're you, nuts'' Then somebody went and got a Bible and showed me Leviticus 18:22-You shall not lie with a man as with a woman; it is an abomination (by the way, all of Leviticus 18 is God telling Moses the taboos of sex). So I was wrong.

But then again, I had reason to be wrong. There is such a thing as a gay preacher, somewhere in America. There are gay Christians. But... why? My first reaction was that, knowing that many Christians don't actually follow the Bible word for word, they hadn't read it properly. I mean, are most Christians you know pacifists, like Jesus said they should be? Nope. And remember the Crusades!? But then I actually talked to a gay Christian. Dave. In here, his last name's gonna be withheld 'cause I don't want him reading this and blowing up.

Well, Dave writes for Oasis Magazine and I'm sure he'd love it if you read his column, so why don't you just go ahead, read his column. So anyway, Dave emailed me, and he said this: 'Yes, I am a Christian. Yes, I am gay. And yes, the Bible speaks out about homosexuality. But at the same time it speaks out about many different things that us as humans partake in everyday such as premarital sex, lying, cheating, stealing, coveting... etc. However, I do not believe that all homosexuality is a sin. My relationship with Jesus Christ and my constant prayer with him and the love he has shown me throughout my life tells me that nothing that I am doing is wrong. Love is talked about many times in the Bible. Love is stronger than anything in this world...the Bible says this. Love as long as it is love and NOT lust is NEVER wrong. Darwinists, hedonists, and atheists-just listen and try to understand."

I guess it took me hours of pondering to actually understand what this meant. I mean, my view of Christians isn't even too favorable to begin with. After all, the KKK is Christian, Hitler was Christian, and besides that, that whole Protestants vs. Catholics in Northern Ireland-they all just totally fucked up my opinion. 'Gay Christianity' sounds almost like 'Microsoft Works,' in that it's a massive oxymoron (haha, Mac humor). But this guy's words just totally changed that-and I'm not saying that I want to become a Christian, just saying that I now understand --somewhat, I could never fully understand, I'm too un-Christian-gay Christianity.

Before, my view was that all Christians followed the Bible. Those who didn't were condemned to an eternity in Hell, and were just plain morons. And I could never actually try and have a conversation with God. But Dave's reasoning does absolutely make sense. I mean, I don't necessarily believe that the Bible talks about people who are especially loving, but Christians do, and I totally agree with what Jesus said-it's the love that matters. I know from common sense that senseless, meaningless sex (also known as lust) isn't exactly the greatest for your general well-being, and apparently, Mr. Jesus knew that pretty well too. But this entire article was written clear up visions of gay Christians. Either that, or I'm making a complete ass of myself in that maybe I'm the only one who ever thought of gay Christians as being particularly hypocritical. But this kinda brings home that whole truth about being gay-it's about the love.

Well, Merry Christmas/Kwanzaa/Han... aw, fuck it. Have a wonderful, multi-racial winter holiday.


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