Nick of New York

January 2000

This is still nick, I just kind of wanted to change my name, and well when better that now? I figure a new name for a new millennium, why not?!

If you are reading this y2k was just a bunch of hype and surprise we're alive and our computers are running! I hope the holidays were good and you had a good new year..oh wait new millennium!


It's a new year, new decade, and a new millennium, so what's so new? I still don't see much change. Hovercrafts? No. Flying saucers and aliens? No again. Satan ragefully running the streets of earth like the cells of hell, nope!! Oh and how about gay rights, do we have them? Well, of course, it's no again! I would like to see some changes, not the devil or aliens on earth, but for people to change and thoughts to change. Looking back at all the downtrodden races of before, I look to see how they overcame it. The answer in most part is unity. We as a gay community, or a group, really have little reason to complain. But on an individual basis, I see all the right to bitch as every g/l/b person wishes. We sit on our asses (can I say that?) and expect to one day wake up and have respect, equality, and rights. What are we doing for it? Not much. If we, the rough estimate of 10 percent of society, pulled together and actually tried, I am sure we could get something to happen. What my ramblings are trying to get at is we can't sit around complaining and never do anything to fix it. All the heteros aren't going to suddenly rise up and say, "Oh, the poor gays, how did we oversee them? We have to give them there rights now!" at least not unless we try to make them see reason to.


Let's see, well, sad to say I still have no boyfriend, but I am keeping positive! Good things are worth waiting for ... (I think!) Oh, but I know another gay person now, so that's good. It's cool to have someone to talk to about things. Actually it is someone I have had a feeling about for a while, so once again my gaydar proves to be accurate. I came out to him a matter of months ago and thanks to a friend who I thought I could trust completely exaggerating my words, and sometimes making things up, I lost enough credibility for "x" to think twice about coming out to me. But it's all good! We were talking and I said "no offense, but I kind of thought you were gay" and well, it all went on from there. But that's about all that's happened to me lately but it's only Dec. 6 (I know, I sent my article in early) so you never know what might happen.

I met someone over the Internet who is the sweetest and coolest person I have ever met. My first impression was not great but once we started talking we connected in a way that is so great, yet unbelievable. He is a lot like what I dream someone I would love being like. Just one catch, he lives on the opposite side of the country. But I am glad enough just to know him. Sigh.....

I think I will start a tip of the month so here it is coming straight to you from...gag, give me a break I sound like an infomercial.... TIP-O-DA MONTH

MY tip to you (the reader) for this month of January is.... drumroll please (what do you mean you can't play drums? )...... Don't spit in the wind! It will make a mess all over you!.. This tip also goes for other fun things like don't piss in the wind, and our brand new "don't vomit in the wind". Stay tuned for next month's tip (I have a feeling it will be: don't put you pets in the microwave! (Need I explain it doesn't dry them...they explode!))? or (don't try inventing the electric potty, it's just plain old dumb.. and probably painful.) What's got into me today? I think I had toooo much SUGAR ,...THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS.

WOW, after going back and reading this, I realize it sounds nothing like the real me (except maybe the tip o da month), but hey, it's all just part of my disguise to hide my true identity! Is it working? Did I fool you? Boy, am I a loser....Well, before I bore you way past the brink of insanity I will give it up! I guess I will end on this... Thanks for reading, happy new year, good luck, take care.....................

Nick of new york

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