Miguel Solana

January 2000

Wow, I think this has become like my yearly reflection, about how my life goes, and it's not that bad, I really think that writing the December column every year involves at least some introspection, and the analysis of the paths my life takes. And for sure this year has been a big one, I think I've lived many things, and all of them are leaving and huge mark in the man I am.

I fell in love, and living that has been and is one of the greatest things in the world, and not because life is sweet, but because feeling the emotion of having someone close to you, and not only physically (because that's not my case) but emotionally, intellectually, and in every single sense is something really amazing. Falling in love has shown me that loving someone is not easy, and it's always hard to find the balance, but also has taught me that love is about letting all the things that are a part of you, and let them be, loving is letting the other one see the small kid in you, and also letting him see the mature man, and the romantic one, and the caring one, and the erotic one, and simply all those parts that we are about and not everybody gets to see them. In me, it's been a truly refreshing experience of giving and receiving, and the greatest is that when you get into that you give not expecting to receive something, and you always get something even bigger that makes you want to have more and more, so I can simply thank about having opportunities like this, but more than anything a wonderful man to share and live that.

In other terms, my life also changed big time, and I'm discovering a new world, living now in a bigger city, having all my life on my shoulders, and having a school to bear with, has been another amazing experience, these past months, I've learned lots of things, something that hadn't happened in my life in a while, and it's all about life, meeting new people, making new friends, maintaining my past friends, learning new stuff in school, discovering a life by myself, it's a whole new thing, but enriching, and that sometimes hard and lonely, but I'm really getting into it and loving it so much. My life changed but I'm glad I can say I'm still the same.

Places, I'm creating a home, I visited several places, I rediscovered some others, I fell in love with one city, and I simply think that the world captivates me more everytime, and it's like this year left me so many things from a small word, from the world close to me, so it's like I want more of it.

Also this year has brought hard moments, difficult decisions, and maybe even some crises, but I like to think that's part of the beauty of life, being able to realize how nice things are, and how small hard things are compared to the nice part of life, so I think it's mainly about giving the chance to life of making its part in us, and we can do our part just by living it.

So, this is it, it's been a pretty good year, with tears, and joys, and many things in between, but all of it has been amazing, and I can simply say that I hope this year starting brings nice new things, with new things to live, and new places, and simply have all the things I'm using to build my life.


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