January 2000

Y2K, Are we still alive?

Well, Christmas is just around the corner, although by the time you read this it will be long gone. Will we even be here for you to read my article? Probably yes. I have not fallen for all the Y2K hype. Maybe I will regret that decision, or maybe I won't, but I just don't think that the world is going to end anytime soon. It can't, I still have not found a boyfriend!

Visiting a Friend

I went to visit my online gay friend again. It is so great to be able to talk face to face with someone about my 'secret' and not worry about what they will think. It's also fun to pick out cute guys at the movies and mall and stuff. He had an old XY, which I gladly read. It is just too risky for me to try to bring one home. It would be too easy for the folks to stumble across it. Although that would get me off the hook when it comes to coming out! We also went to the library because he had to do some studying. While we were there he found the book "The Best Little Boy in the World." I only was able to read a small part of it, but I found it very interesting. We also watched the movie "Beautiful Thing". What a great movie. Why can't we all live right next door to our boyfriend?

Well, in order to pull off this trip I had to some good lying. My mom loves to play 20 questions whenever I go anywhere. Why can't she get it that I am plenty old enough to take care of myself. Mom, mind your own damn business!! Sometimes I think it would be easier just to tell her where I am really going. At least that way I would not have to always be coming up with good reasons why I have to drive like 4 hours north and stay in a hotel over night all by myself. I have gotten pretty good at changing the subject when she starts asking to many questions. Why can't parents respect their children's privacy and trust them a little.

I am going to have to find a gay friend closer to where I live. I do know of one kid, but he's not really a friend of mine. I don't know him very well at all. I am working on that though. If only I could find someone who is not obviously gay. Did I just say that? What I mean is that I need to find someone I can have come over to my house and not be a dead giveaway. I need someone I can bring with me when I hang out with all my straight friends. Does such a gay person really exist, or am I the only one? And why is it that when you meet a straight person, such as at a new job, one of the first questions they always seem to ask is if you have a girlfriend. Why is it any of there damn business?! Its not like they're asking to see if I am taken so they can ask me out, so why is that information so damn important to them?


Well, my new job is going a little better now. I still don't know what I will ever do if/when they find out about my 'secret'. The job itself is going pretty well, but I constantly have to explain why I am single. I think at some point they will put two and two together and get queer. I don't come off as gay, but then again, nor do a lot of gays, which is why it's so damn hard to get a boyfriend. But aside from that big problem things are going well.

In Closing

Well, I know this article was not that interesting and it was kind of short, but I am having writer's block. If anyone has any ideas for an article for me to write, please let me know. And if anyone needs any advice, I'm always here willing to listen and give my opinion. Hope everyone had a great holiday season and I hope that computer of yours didn't freak out at the Y2K thing. Until next time... tyler4us@hotmail.com


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