January 2000

Call me Ishmael..oh wait, that's Moby Dick. Instead, you can call me "The Wanderer," because I wander the Web in secrecy (well, as 'secret' as *I* can be).

Since this is my first submission, let me tell you a little bit about myself (I promise I'll try to keep this short so I don't bore whoever is reading this out there!!). I attend high school in the one of the southern states, which, as most people know, is part of a region known as "The Bible Belt." This isn't the ideal place to live! I'm female and bisexual. With the way my family is (overbearing and strict), this is not exactly something I'm very comfortable in sharing!

Anyway, I decided to write because, although I've always been aware of my bisexuality, I've never been forced to realize it-until now. I always thought this was something I could keep a secret (and trust me, I will keep it a secret to my family if my life depends on it!) because it never really came up in life. I've been 'in love' before, but always with the opposite sex. Recently, however, I have fallen head over heals for a female teacher, which doesn't make coming to class very easy. This teacher is very open-minded, which is probably one of the reasons I've fallen for her. It's nice to hear a fresh voice in a closed-hearted little town like this. (And of course, if you're wondering, I won't try to pursue any sort of relationship.)

Anyway, as I was saying, I've finally been forced to admit my bisexuality to myself (as I said, I've always been aware of it, but never really HAD to realize it for myself) and now I'm really not sure what to make of it. I can't be open about it to anyone right now because my family will find out. I've always been one to be brave under circumstances like these, but I find myself crawling into a shell now. If I must be open, it will be later in life, I assure you!

It is just so strange that I've always been the brave, open person, helping others through their turmoil and struggle. Now, when I realize that I'm in a volatile situation, as far as my future and family are concerned, I turn to mush! Don't worry all you kids out there, you are not alone!

Anonymity is important!!


"The Wanderer"

Feel free to use this address if you have questions/comments: The_wandering_one@bigfoot.com

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