Dear Friends

By Devon Nicole Ledbetter

"Dear friends"
I just can't keep on
going this way
living with out you
in my life.

I know you must get tired of me
sometimes when I call too much
But please try to understand
It's not all my fault

Dear friend,
I'm sorry if I bug you constantly
dear friends,
its not my fault your just like family to me.

Though I never dreamed that we would grow so close;
and that later you would go away.
But i just cant put you out of my mind
Wont you come and take me away.

Save me like you promised you would.
Save me from the pain and this world of hatred.
that i've been forced to live in
ever since the day you went away.
Show me our family of love.

Devon, 17, says this poem was "written for my friends that moved away... They are like family to me. I miss being able to walk next door to see them. I love them dearly."

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