Two poems by LeGrande


I tried to grab the hands of time
but somehow they slipped by
I drank by the day from the cup of life
but I feel that I'll still die
I searched the world for the fountain of youth
until I walked with a cane
In my search I used my wisdom of age
and drove myself insane
So I sat in a straight jacket in a padded room
reflecting on what's gone
I was 15 just yesterday it seems
now 85 in a nursing home
Place my head in my hands and began to sob
Oh, how I wanted to beat the clock
Frustrated and mad at the wrinkles I see,
at the aging I could not stop
Live this life wild and free as a bird,
believe me, it's one that falls short
Of fulfillment if it's not stretched to the limits
for death one cannot abort
The message is not to despise old age
but to live everyday as if it's your last
Cause when your number is called there is no turning back,
the band has played and marched on pass


Before our time was short and tedious
all but steadfast
with ever-loving arms I tried holding on
to the lover I needed to last
youth and innocence is how it started
soon growing to naked affection
our phalluses swollen with anticipation
for a spiritually internal connection
but for the moment this was all that we had
abundant time just wasn't our favor
so we parted going our own directions
not knowing if we'd cross paths later
a lost soul as you were, on a prosperous journey
I could only watch from afar
my hand on the hourglass I waited patiently
till you realized what it was that you are
although the time grew long and my heart grew weak,
you never really dwindled away
our elementary love would forever taunt me
to keep your sweetness close by, at bay

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