Two poems by MrPostman


I watch a sea of black waves
And it reminds me of my tears
I lay in the cold sand
And I cry for even the sun is dark

The waves of darkness envelop me
I cannot hold them back
The water of anger soaks me
I will suffocate in my rage
The flood rises around me
And I see others drowned as they hold onto the deception
The waters of inability swirl around me
It kills me that I cannot save them
Even now, I am just starting to save myself

I will rise above the waves of darkness
And find the light again
I will rise above the water of anger
and learn to move on
I will soar above the water of inability
and I will love again.


A meaningful sacrifice
An understanding laugh
A compassionate touch
A common story
And a shared tear

He went out of his way
He brought some joy with him
And comfort, too
He gave a piece of himself
And became a friend...

Thanks, Joe!
MrPostman is better known as Nick. Check out his column in this month's
FEATURED ARTICLES section. He's into theater, music, and dancing. E-mail
him at pobox469@hotmail.com HAVE AN AWESOME 2000!

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