My Friend the Player

By Samantha, citrusy_gal@hotmail.com

she goes through gals like cigarettes
swearing that they are all broken and ripped
but to me they look pretty damn near perfect... adequate

and she flirts with the best of them
wears her pants down low and her shirts up
sits on their laps and flutters her eyes
lips parched open wide

but as soon as one of them falls a little too close
she flies off faster than a kite
it is not the gal that she wants
but the fight that she likes

they are just her little play toys
and she likes to talk all dirty
about eating girls out in detail
with her pouting little mouth
and they fall for all of these details... fake tales

but when she breaks up with one of them
these guys all start to snivel and whine and ask her why
and she tells them, oh so insincerely, that
she really did like her at one point but...
but what did they expect when she's watched
ten of her good friends go through the same shit
what did she expect from a gal
who goes through girls like cigarettes
and gets off on it
you can expect nothing but shit

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