The Big Push: Part One

By DrakKnigh, unlimeted@hotmail.com

"Why me?" That was the only thought passing through my head as sat at the bar of the old McAndrews bar and grill. An old rusty looking bar, in Ontario's city of Lindsay. It was dank, and the smell and texture of smoke rippled through the air around me like a million snakes. I sat there staring into my flat, watered down Coke. No more bubbles raised to the top, only stillness in the slightly chilled glass.

"Why, out of 100 billion people on the planet... Why me?"

I wasn't in a good mood. The first day of my vacation, and already I was down. My mom was back at the hotel reading, or watching the news, or something like that. My sister didn't come with us, just because she's at that age, you know between 21 and all knowing. She cares too much of her social life to take a family trip. I wish I could use that one, but I couldn't. I told my mom that I stepped out for a coke, now I wasn't lying, I did, but that's code for 'I need to clear my head.' I've been doing a lot of that lately, and always about the same thing.

"Who made me this....." I was cut off.

"Hi." A chipper yet adolescent voice said from beside me. I slightly turned, if I turned too much it might look as though I was expressing an interest into what he had to say. Sitting beside me was a boy, of the same age as myself. Sandy brown hair, blue eyes, a really nice smile and face. He stood about 5 1/2' off the ground and was wearing a blue T-shirt and khaki shorts. He sat down, and kept smiling at me, even though I was ignoring him. He still sat there, waiting for my acknowledgement. Don't get me wrong, he was really good looking, but that's not what was on my mind. I had to many problems without another one interfering. I tilted my head back, now looking strait forward again, and then I looked down at my glass.

"My name's Tyler...... What's yours?" He asked, still smiling at me. Its like he wanted to know me, like he wanted to know everything about me. But he didn't, and even if he did, I don't think I would want to tell him. Not right now anyway. But he just sat there, still smiling. He obviously didn't take a hint, that I didn't want to talk to him. So I decided to give him what he wanted to hear.

"Dave." I grunted, still not looking up. I didn't want to make contact with him, I couldn't. He hailed the bartender and ordered a coke. Seeing that mine was almost empty, and flat he ordered me one too. I was surprised, not pleasantly, because now I have to pay this back, probably through conversation as opposed to cash.

"Thanks for the coke." I said.

"No problem, don't mention it." He replied. He was smiling brighter then ever, probably because I had said something to him without him asking a question. Then the smile faded from that cute face of his. His eyes were diverted to the floor, probably staring at his feet. I think I was bringing this boy down with me, and that made me feel worse. Then his eyes slowly came back up, scanning me for answers. They finally came back to my face.

"So what's wrong?" He said in a sympathetic voice. I knew it was coming, I just didn't know when. This was the point where I leave, exit stage left.

"Nothing." I snapped, and reached into my pocket and pulled out enough money for my coke.

"Thanks for the coke." I said, then as I got up to leave, I looked into his eyes, for one brief second I had my whole future planned. Happiness set in. Then I realized what a fantasy that was, turned away from those eyes.

Walking out the door of the bar, the faded light spilled out onto the black night. As the door closed the light slowly faded, and so the sounds of laughter and talking. The night was cool, but not cold, like a summer's night. I began walking down the street, in the direction of my hotel. What exactly happened here tonight? I don't know, but whatever it was I didn't like it. The streets were lit up only by the pale light of the street lamp, and whatever light spilled out from open windows. The night was still young, but the day dead. It was approaching 11:00, surely my mom would be worried about me by now.

When I got back to my surprise my mother was asleep. She lay there silent on the bed, the room in darkness and silence, except for the dim light and faint noise of the television. I walked over and turned it off, then I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Coming out of the bathroom, careful not to wake her, I crept into my own bed. Before I knew what I was thinking about I was asleep, and silent for the night.

This morning I awoke to the sounds of someone moving around. I rolled over to see who it was, and my mother was standing over top of me, already dressed with her purse over her shoulder.

"Have a nice night?" She asked in that inquisitive voice she always talks in. I just rolled over and grunted at her. I had totally forgotten about most of the advents of last night.

"Well, I'm going out for the day. I take it by that grunt and by the fact that you're not even up and ready yet that you don't want to go with me. So you have a nice day doing... whatever, and try not to spend all your money, and stay out of trouble." She said as she was moving about the room gathering her things, then in the last second she came over and kissed me on the cheek. I tried to avoid it, but I was in no mood to avoid that one, I just grunted again, then rolled over. She continued talking, until she shut the door. As she did, she said the word 'bye' so I knew she had finished talking.

An hour later I got up, and got dressed. The showers in the hotels here have very good water pressure. I decided as I was in the shower that I should go for a walk. Not having anything else to do, I thought the best place to walk to would be the park, everyone says what a nice view of the canal the park has. After getting dressed, I remembered what I was doing at the bar last night, and soon back into my old train of thought. It was all I could think about.

I walked out of the front door of the hotel, and the sunlight hit me like a train. I quickly shaded my eyes from the brightness of the sun. I began walking in the direction of the park. People where out, having fun. Kids jumping around, laughing, and playing. The elderly walking up and down the street. Traffic roaring past me as I continued my walk to the park. The sun was getting hot and I began to lightly perspire.

I reached the park in about 25 minutes. I was surprised, it seemed like less then that. I walked around the park for a bit, up and down some of the paths, and trails that there was, just thinking. I came across a bench about 5 minutes from the entrance to the park. Before sitting down I looked where I was going to sit. Inscribed deeply into the bench, amid the clutter of gravity were the words, 'Mark Loves Kate 4Ever' with a heart around it. Why did I have to see that, now I'm really depressed. All I want is someone like Kate has, someone to love me and that I can love and speak to about everything. The canal was as beautiful as everyone says. The water was like a layer of glass, stretching for miles in both directions. The occasional boat came by, usually a family boat, filled with families that are having fun, and have no problems of their own. My thought was interrupted by a deja-vu.


I looked behind to see who was calling me. The only thing that I could see was the sunlight, blinding me again. I shielded my eyes once again to see the person. Standing there behind me in a blue shirt and jean shorts was......

"Tyler, right?" I said squinting in his direction. This time I noticed something different. He wasn't smiling, he just stood there.

"Ya, good memory. Dave?" He said cautiously.

"Ya." I said I turned back and looked forward again. He came and sat beside me. He looked at me briefly, then looked strait ahead too. For a long while we just sat there, not speaking, just sharing our thoughts only with ourselves. We stared at one boat, then two. Then he asked me a question.

"So, Dave, where are you from?"

"Toronto." I replied. He didn't seem to surprised to hear that, considering that it's only about an hour away.

"You got a girlfriend back home? Is that why your upset?" He said. I just grunted.

"No, that's not the problem, not the problem at all." I said still looking at the passing boats. The breeze was slightly picking up now, and there was a slight ripple effect on the water. It looked nice.

"Well, if it's any consolation, I don't have a girlfriend either." He said staring at his feet. He moved his feet around, trying to keep himself occupied. We started to talk then, about everything, one answer led to anther question. After the initial rough patch, we seemed to hit it off on a good note.

3 hours passed since the first question we asked, and we were still asking them faster then we could answer them. Soon after that 3 hour mark I had to go. Mom no doubt would be having supper or something right now. I don't think she would wait. He gave me his phone number on a scrap piece of paper he pulled from his pocket.

"If you ever want to hang out, or you need someone to show you the town. Give me a call." He told me.

I told him what hotel I was staying at, and the room number. Just in case he was to take the initiative, and stop by. Then, in the now cooling breeze of the evening I got up from that bench and began walking in the direction of the entrance to the park. Tyler just stayed there and sat. Every once in a while I would turn around to see if I could still see him. For I while I could, but soon he dropped from sight faster then as he arrived.

The walk back seemed longer then the walk there, but it was relatively the same time. When I walked into the hotel room, to my surprise once again my mom was gone. The hour of 8:00 was now within minutes. I walked around the room, looking for some kind of explanation as to where she was. I saw a note over by the hotel phone, along with $30 in cash. I picked it up and read it,


Order what you want, I went out with a few people I met today. They wanted to take me out for dinner, and it's not really a place for kids. I don't think you would enjoy Steve's jokes anyway. I left $30 on the table, don't feel like you have to spend it all. Don't be out running the streets and, Dave, don't wait up. I might be back late.

Love Mom.'

I was happy for her, she finally found someone she might like. I decided to call Tyler and see if he wanted to come over for dinner since I would have no one else to keep me company for the rest of the night.

I took the piece of paper out of my pocket that had his number on it. I un-wrinkled it and picked up the receiver of the phone. One by one I typed in each number, each number coming up with a new way to ask him over. My mind was racing a mile a minute, trying to find some type of informal invitation. I was suddenly brought back to reality by a woman's voice.

"Hello?" She said. Her voice was soft, but it had that sensitive approach to it, so I assumed it was his mother. I asked for Tyler and she seemed more then eager to fetch him. The next voice I heard was Tyler's always-happy voice.

"Ya?" he said, eager for a response.

"You want to come over for supper? My mom has gone out for the night, and I have nothing to do, frankly this place can get a little boring if you have nothing to do." I said, cutting myself off before I could say anymore. I was starting to ramble.

"Sure, I would love to." His voice had extreme excitement in it as we both hung up the phone. I was happy, finally he and I would be alone. After about ten minutes of sitting and waiting I decided to order, I chose pizza because that was one thing we had in common, it was our favorite food.

I was on the bed when I heard a knock at the door. I jumped, I was more tense then a pen spring. I ran to the door and quickly checked my hair in the bathroom mirror before opening it. Standing before me was a very large hairy man with a rather foul odor to him. He was wearing a red and green jacket with the words 'Dan's real pizza' embroidered on the breast pocket. He looked down his nose at me and then behind me.

"You order the pizza?" He grunted harshly. I answered with a simple yes. Anymore and I would have to fear for my life. He gave me an unsure look then opened his mouth to speak.

"Twenty Dollars, no tax." I could see in his mouth, it was even worse then the outside. His teeth, well, what he had left where more yellow then a number of lined up school buses, and his breath reeked of old rotten stogies. He turned his head to one side and started coughing, a lot, he covered his mouth after the first few hacking sounds. Then turned back and cleared his throat, and held out his hand. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a twenty and a five, and told him to keep the change. He looked down at the money, then back up at me and grunted again. Then turned and started to walk down the hall. Tyler was coming up the hall, and I could see him smiling. Then his smile dropped as he saw the man. He backed up against the wall as the man stopped to look at Tyler. His eyes where wide with fear from this over sized man.

"Tyler come in." I said to him quickly. Tyler broke his stare at the man and looked at me, the man also looked up at me. I motioned for Tyler to come, and he slid away from the man and ran in the room. I watched as the man turned and continued his struggle down the hall. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a half-smoked stogie and put it in his mouth, I could hear him hacking and coughing all the way down the hall.

"Who was that?" Tyler said, now coming out of his temporary shock.

"The pizza man." I said to him, not looking up. I didn't want to see the look on his face, just in case it wasn't a nice one. But I could tell he had a look on his face, just from the silence in the room. We sat at the small table that was in the hotel room, it only sat two which was perfect for us. We ate all the pizza there, for such a shabby deliverer the pizza wasn't that bad. After eating so much pizza we decided to sit and rest for a bit, so we did just that, I took one bed and Tyler took the other one.

We laid there talking for hours about different things, things we hadn't talked about before. In the background I had the T.V. on low, it was playing an already past episode of the Jerry Springer show. We didn't pay much attention to the television, we were to enthralled with each other.

After a few hours past we heard the clock on the wall click, and chime eleven times.

"Eleven o'clock?!" Tyler said in question and amazement. Like he questioned the clock. "I have never talked to anyone for this long before, in my life." He added. I just let out a quick laugh and a smirk. I think he was getting ready to call it a night, which meant he was going to go home. Then like nothing else a thought came into my head.

"Hey Tyler, do you wanna spend the night here? My mom isn't coming home so you can use the extra bed, and I have no one else to do anything with. So do you want to?" I said, I felt a little bad, the way I asked him it seemed sort of rushing it. I was excited, he barely had time to answer, but he did. He answered with the same excitement as I asked the question. I told him to use the phone, and call his mom, just to tell her he would be staying.

We talked long into the night, and soon it became early into the morning. I could see by the look in Tyler's eyes that he looked like he was going to pass out. I asked him if he wanted to call it a night, he declined. Although I could see that he was ready to go to bed, he didn't want to ruin my night. He didn't, he made it what no one else could. So I told him that he could lie there, and if he fell asleep then we would just go to bed. He yawned and agreed, reluctantly. He stood up and took of his shirt. I was amazed, this kid was perfect, all over. He looked like he was working out, and, wow. Then he took off his pants and was left in his boxers. I couldn't take it, I was beginning to stare, and if he caught me staring at him like that, I would be in a lot of trouble.

"I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back." I said. I think while I was saying that my voice cracked a bit. Tyler just nodded in agreement. When I got into the bathroom I breathed a sigh of relief, I was in the clear for now, but for how long? If this were going to keep up, he would kill me soon enough. I stood in the bathroom for a few minutes, just staring into the mirror, thinking. Then a knock at the door.

"Hurry up, I have to use the bathroom." A voice yawned from the other side of the locked 1" thick wooden door. I snapped out of my trance and realized that he was still out there. I acknowledged him by opening the door to leave. There he was again, still in his boxers, same as how I left him. I stepped to one side and let him pass. When he closed the door I ran to my bed and got in. I reached over the nightstand and hit the light. A few minutes later I heard the toilet flush and the faint light of the bathroom echoed the room. Then everything went black. I could see the outline of Tyler walk by my bed, and climb into his. I heard a sigh of relief when he sat down. Soon after he sat down, I heard the faint chatter from him, but nothing more.

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