Troy N. Diggs

February 2000

January 23, 2000

I feel really old.

Within the last month, I've been to the gay clubs in Memphis twice... and both times, stayed less than an hour.... I was with my friend Michael... and I think we both realize that... we're not "hep" to it anymore.

I walked in with Michael, and was surrounded by tons of people... almost none I recognized... and most of them with their noses stuck in the air so high that they went beyond nosebleed jokes.

A while back, one of the clubs closed, leaving.... ummm... one left with a legitimate dance floor. Which, of course, nobody partakes of; dancing is, to many clubbies, a cardinal sin... both times, I think there was 2 or 3 people on the dance floor at a time... and that's just wrong... that defeats the purpose of clubbing to me.

We've started going to the straight clubs... there's one in particular in Memphis that plays nothing but disco. Yes, this is a straight club. The ironic thing, however, is that there are STRAIGHT men on the dance floor, dancing solo... I mean, if you're straight and jamming to "Dancing Queen".... there's something wrong there.

Anyway... it makes me feel really old... I'm more mature, sure... but I really miss the days when I could go into a gay club and socialize and not get looked at with a "what the hell are YOU doing here?" look... granted, that wasn't all that often, but there was a point where I could at least tolerate that. I guess I miss that part of me.

We'll end up going again, sure... but I really wish there were some place where I could go on weekends that I could socialize and meet with gay guys that are... you know, friendly.

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