February 2000

I am senior in High School in Texas. Just outside of San Antonio. I am 18 and loving it. My first name is Ed.

I have made my choice on coming out. I have decided to wait till I get to college. I have done this for many reasons. My parents are number one. I don't think they would understand. They have said nasty jokes about people like me, and it hurts me deeply.

Second reason is school. I value my body. I go to a very conservative high school. I would get the you-know-what kicked out of me everyday. Granted I know this is cowardly but college is less cliquish and I think people are more understanding.

My third reason is my friends. My close friend has had an "experience with girls" and doesn't like gays and lesbians after that. So I am afraid of what will happen. I have made this choice. I know this is the right choice for me. I know it is killing me on the inside to not allow myself to be "myself". But only for a little longer will I remain with that hole inside of me.

I promise next time I will have a better subject but this is what was on my mind this time!!!!



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