Lincoln Ho

February 2000

Hi everyone!

My column this month will be quite short because I am actually sending this in after the deadline and I haven't got much time because I have plenty of exams to write including a math diploma coming in the next week. Anyway, I received some amount of replies to my December column and I would like to thank those that did reply to me. I respect and am open to new ideas.

Anyway, I am writing today because I am concerned that maybe gay pride has gone pretty far in some places. I mean, when "we" started, I thought that our intent was for people to be aware that there are people out there who prefer companions of the same sex.

Today, I feel that society views gay and lesbians as one whole different culture, then there's the "bears" who are totally excluded from this culture. Now, I have nothing against that but why did we create these boundaries within our own society to classify people in such a way? Why are we stereotypes as a bunch of feminine transsexuals? Sorry, I apologize to those that have been offended. But seriously, does anyone see a problem here? We started this to get people aware of us, not create even further and further distances and get looked as a lesser humans.

Sure, the media is starting to involve gay/lesbian people in roles and casts, but has anyone seen Will and Grace? I see one of the characters presenting "us" as a joke. It maybe funny when you watch it but seriously, it's a bash against us and we don't even know it. For the majority of us, who is really like that character? You and I may understand that it's for pure entertainment, but are the close-minded individuals out there understanding that as well?

If we want equality, we have to present our case in the same way that racial groups are presenting theirs. And that is that we are normal human beings trying to lead lives of our own. What is gay awareness as far as today's media is concerned? The gay pride parades out there. I'm sure it may all be in good fun but put yourself in the person's shoes that are watching the broadcast on television... the "highlight" of the parade are the brightly colored cross-dressers or the feminine acting hunk there. Is that what we really want society to see us?

Nevermind the 90% of the people that are normal, what about the supposed 10% of the people who are mostly in the closet? If they see it, it would lessen their chances of coming out, seeing that they would be taken as a joke like what they saw on television.

Being gay is a dis to many people out there today. It's up to our generation today to fix things up and have the word restored to it's original meaning and happy state. Instead of being a joke, why don't we become involved in showing that NOT ALL of us are cross dressers that talk about shoes.

Again, I am very sorry to those I have offended, I'm just stating my opinion. However, you are welcome to send in complaints to me @ neoanderson@canada.com or visit my website at http://i.am/lincolnho.

Thanks for reading. God bless, Lincoln

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