February 2000

Okay -- I'm not going to start this talking about how much I love my boyfriend (mainly cuz I don't have one) or how Valentines day is coming up, and how lovely it is... BLEH! BAH HUMBUG. Call me Scrooge, but I really am not looking forward to this month at all. This is when I will see if I have passed all of my exams, and make up little white lies about how much fun I had on the 14th to all of my friends.

Believe it or not peoples, Jeffie has finally turned seventeen! What a momentous occasion! Now I feel "in" with all those girls who buy that porny "seventeen" magazines. I'm not exactly happy to be getting older though. If I was turning nineteen I might be a little happier, because then I'd be in university, I could go into bars, and I could rent XXX porn legally. Oh woe is me! Jeffie can't buy porn! Oh well -- there's always a collection on my favorite websit... erm... moving right along...

If you've all read some of my past articles, I always whine and bitch and complain that I don't have a boyfriend, and that the guy that I finally do "find" has to be perfect -- blah blah blah-well -- here's news! Jeffie's given up hope. I'm just gonna give love a chance wherever I find it. If the guy seems nice, why not give him a chance, that's what I say! (Of course, he has to fall within CERTAIN age and other specifications)

Again -- moving right along -- interesting.. hmm.. let me thing.. what would YOU (the reader) like to read about?

BAH! Ferget it heheheh

I was just in my one of my favoritest stores -- chapters! I've seriously never had a better coffee. Not only was the coffee good, but I got to peruse the books and most importantly, the boys -- there was this cute blonde boy, with a cell phone -- he was so yummy. I almost tripped while in line for my coffee because I was staring at him... (This is in the London, Ontario Chapters, btw -- so if that cute little blonde boy with the cellphone saw me -- I was the cute one with the stylish attaché (some people DARE to call it a purse) then let's talk!)--yeah yeah yeah -- that was a cheap attempt at finding him, but you can't blame me for trying can you?

As the months go on, I find myself getting more and more excited for summer --weird eh? I never have enjoyed winter very much. The more summers that come and go, the more excited I am to go away to University -- but I've got one little problem... I was pretty sure that I wanted to go to university for Computer Sciences because I love computers, and I am good at coding and I could see myself doing it for a while. Keyword: a while. I'm not sure whether I would enjoy doing that for the rest of my life... so I'm thinkin' that I might try being an airline steward for a while. It might also be interesting to work for an Internet Service Provider-shrug-I really don't know what I want to do anymore, and it's starting to bother me -- only weeks ago I was sure of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, and now I'm not so sure... If you have any advice or anything, please send it, cuz I 'm pretty confused as it is now.

Song pick for the month! The selection I chose this month is Bette Midler -- I'm Beautiful, DAMMIT! This is one inspiring song people! I know that Bette can't sing if her life depended on it, but that is not the point! The lyrics rule, and I find this song really really inspiring. If you get a chance to listen to it, not only will you turn it off immediately because of Bette's voice, but you'll be inclined now to turn it back on because Jeffie TOLD YOU that it has good lyrics. Give a listen -- tell me what you think.

This month's article is written on the fly, on the 401 -- also lovingly named "death alley". The trucks are big and scary, and the monitor on my laptop is so bright that I can't see anything else but what I am writing! Anyway...

Jeffie's Final Thought: I want to thank all my guests today... heh. I have to say how happy that I am to actually be out of the closet now. To be able to be open with my parents, my friends, and myself has had to be one of the biggest struggles I have ever had. Now that the weight is all off of my shoulders my state of mind has improved dramatically. I realize that some of you are not in a position to come out of the dreaded closet because it would be a danger to yourself. If you're reading this, you have already taken one of the biggest and most important steps. You are out to yourself, and you're starting to deal with your sexual preference. Coming out of the closet is something I recommend to anyone -- it relieved a lot of stress in my life, and I'm sure that even opening the door a crack can prove useful!

Happy February to all of you, and a happy millennium!

Ya'll stay beautiful now! heheh



Jeff is a 17 year old boy living in Chatham Ontario Canada. He loves getting email from all of his readers, so if you've read this far, then click on this little link: click! and send your comments on this article! You can also send me pictures of you, your pet dolphin or tarantula, what you puked up from going to the bar last night, or porn erm... educational reference material.

Jeffie also has pictures online so you can see exactly how ugly he is. Click here to head on over to the part of his website where you can evaluate his pictures. If he sees any of these on a porn site, I will track you down and make you into a McDonalds hamburger.

This concludes the gratuitous self pitying part of Jeff's article! Tune in next month! EMAIL ME! NOW!

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