February 2000

Last year if you were to ask me "Do you believe in God?" I would always reply "Yes." Without a thought to it. But as it turns out humans become better thinkers as they get older!! not that I'm old (15) gee.. old bahaha, there's a thought. I've started to really question what I see, and what others see. Being gay I think forces you to think differently about what you see. Your article makes you think. Are we getting the whole picture? Is the media really giving us what's important to the people, or what's important to them? Are governments of any use? Why should American culture be the 'one'? Is this because of America? or because of a commercial society. Are governments representing the people or themselves??? Hasn't the government turned into a commercial business it's self. The one thing it shouldn't be?

An example of this is up here in Canada. The government has Trade Missions. These are when the top people in the government run over to another country like China or somewhere else in Asia, and talk to companies about moving to Canada or opening trade links. Is this really what I want, NO. Again are the governments here to help the people, and have no part in business whatsoever? It's not the businesses that elect them, it's the people. Then why are they representing the business? You can say they do it because will give the people jobs. That's funny? you know what kinda jobs they are? Call centers, call centers, and call centers. That's all we get here in Nova Scotia. They remove 10,000 high paying jobs and replace it with 4 or 5 call centers. Low pay, and hard work. Then the government turns around and asks the people why they can't buy a new car or a new house? I wonder why!! The student loans up here take you until your 31 to pay off. Each hour of collage up here cost about $54.00. Is that fair to a 19 year old? Any way I know I've been going on and on now so on to church and religion.

When I look at religion I see nothing more then a bunch of old people waiting to DIE. Religion was and still is a way to rule the people. A power grab. The prize heaven the punishment hell. If you follow my rules you'll go to heaven, where everything is like you want it? COME ON?? Else if you don't follow my rules you'll go to hell, were your worst dreams come true.

I smell a dirty sick scam, that's lasted for the past 10,000+ years. When religious groups say that teens don't like church because they find it boring. That's not true at all. The truth is what 'they' fear. The teens of today know that's church is a scam for your money and your LIFE. To me religion is the biggest crime there is. A normal scam takes money, which is replaceable but this takes your LIFE. Is this right. Like Marx's said "RELIGION IS THE OPIATE OF THE PEOPLE." He was correct by his thoughts. What I want to do is open up peoples eyes and ask them selves. Is Religion right? See I don't blame the people that be believe in GOD. or say they are stupid or dumb to be able to be sucked in. Brain washed. But it's not their fault. They never saw the other side. That's the problem. It's the root of all the worlds problems. Not evil. But people not knowing the full story.

I know people that don't have the first clue about Germans. They think that Germans are cold blood killers. And love Hitler and Wars. I'd love the day were I wouldn't hear the word Hitler each and every day. This is because all they have ever seen was Germans killing millions of people, on all kinds or mediums. I know millions of people think that Gays should be shot because all they've see of Gays is AIDS 'bum fucking' and 'cock sucking.' It's peoples lack of 'smarts' as I call it that leads to problems.

If you were to ask any one of a picture of an African person. They would say that the person is poor, small, weak, live in mud houses, and are black. Isn't this weird? But there is nothing weird about it. The only thing I see on TV about Africa is it's problems. Is this the full picture? I'm going to fight my best to open the world to another train of thought. I hope you will do the same.

Tell your friends about what you think about the government and the churches. It's the only way people will think about what they see as truth and what they see as not truth. I did this with my friends and they all know believe the way I do. I know it's kinda all brain washing like everyone else does. You'll go to hell, This time our government will work. I hope every thing does work out in your area. And remember the people that really take religion is the truth are dying. Sooner then later. Gays and everyone else can live in a better world.



Matt is a high school student, and would love to read any ones reply to this column. He will reply to all.

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