February 2000

It's been awhile since I last wrote to Oasis, mainly because I have been so wrapped up in moving and having a new boyfriend and moving 1200 miles away and living with him has really taken up much of my time since September of last year.

I am very lucky to have met him...which was actually about two and a half years ago, but we starting dating in September. It was all romantic and all. We had this on again, off again online friendship for about 2 years and one day in August I remembered his email address and I wanted to see how he was doing and all and he remembered who I was and he instantly emailed me back after I emailed him.

We started emailing each other for about 3 weeks straight and finally one day (actually Sept. 4th) we were ICQing each other back and forth and he said he wished I was there so I he could cuddle with me and I said I wish that too and then out of the blue...not the Debbie Gibson song...., but out of nowhere he asked me if I wanted to go out as in dating. And without hesitation I said, "Yes!" It was the best decision of my life.

Anyway after about 2 months living 1200 miles away from each other he came to see me and I was so excited. The moment I saw him pass the metal detectors I started shaking so bad. He was more cuter in person than on his homepage. I was instantly in love with him...not that I wasn't before, but even more so.

When we got back to my house and we were in my room alone he took out these presents for me and one was this book of William Shakespeare's plays and it was the exact book I saw at Barnes and Noble I wanted, but never told him I did and he remembered me once saying how much I like Shakespeare...kind of like a Julia Robert's or Meg Ryan movie huh! I was so happy I almost cried and then he came over to me and kissed me and it was the best kiss I ever gotten from anyone.

So, anyways, I figured I would write about something happy this time of year instead of horrible and depressing especially with all the Y2K bullsh-t and all the drama in the world. And since Valentine's Day is a month away I figured I write about something romantic. Don't get me wrong we have had our trouble and disagreements on the way and it hasn't all been a Walton's Family Reunion Special...especially when I had to tell my family I was moving 1200 miles away with someone I barely knew in person. But, why bring people down? Anyways I hope everyone had a Happy Holidays and I hope that everyone has someone to spend Valentine's Day with. Take Care in the new year! Happy Year 2000!



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