Miguel Solana

February 2000

Starting a new year, is usually a challenge, a man-created opportunity to start everything over again, and believe we're writing on blank pages. Though, this year, when I was in the cheer of all that, I realized how hard it's to forget all our past experiences. It hasn't been an easy start of a year, mainly because of the questioning going inside my mind, and the problem is not about the questions, but about finding the answers, and being convinced by them.

Part of the things going on inside of me is about finding my place in universe, and I think that I'm really small when seeing things in perspective, but also, I've understood, that the big thing, that make all humans unique, is that the universe is never enough to satisfy us, and that makes us take a whole different dimension into everything. We're in a constant search of something, something that sometimes we get to think we've found, and suddenly we realize we want more, but that hunger for more has to be filled with authentic things, with the stuff that fulfills us, that's necessary, and it's hard to focus on that, because sometimes our hunger is stronger that us and we get carried away. Being human is not easy, but it's beautiful, it's amazing how our will leads us to reach things we've never thought about before. That simple will thrills me and scares me, but at the same time amazes me on how it makes us move, it makes us question ourselves about the paths we're taking, about our decisions, about our future, it's simply that thing that makes the universe look small inside ourselves.

Finding my place in universe hasn't been as hard, as finding the reasons, the reality around me, the past things in my life, the present I'm living, the man I'm becoming, and all those things that are being part of my life, all seems like a huge question that at moments I'm not being able to answer, but I know there's something behind everything, that puts things in place and answers in order. I'm simply living one of those hard parts of life that take us somewhere we have no idea when we start the journey, but that at the end of time we'll always remember.

You can drop by my page at: http://www.geocities.com/cranguy I'm working hard on it, and soon it should have more stuff, but yet it's got more things than before and so far it's a great advance in the history of my page.




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