Search for Michael Negrete

"Please help me find my son, Michael Negrete. Michael disappeared from his dorm, Dykstra Hall at UCLA, in the early morning of December 10, 1999. He left with nothing: no wallet, clothes, nor musical instruments. LA Sheriff’s dogs traced him to the corner of Sunset and Bellagio streets at the northwest end of the campus. It is possible he took a bus from there or got into a vehicle with someone. We have no other clues as to his whereabouts.

Michael is entered in the NCIC as a missing person, but this will only identify him he he does something to bring attention to himself to the authorities. What we need is people to be looking for him and talking about him—he could be anywhere.

In the absence of any and all clues, I would like everyone to know about Michael, and if he is troubled by the fact that he thinks he may be gay, I would like him to know that we love him unconditionally and no matter what lifestyle he chooses, that love will never change."

Pictures of Michael can be viewed at http://www.for-schools.com/negrete/negrete.htm

We additionally ask for you prayers for the safe return of our son.

Thank you, Mary and Miguel Negrete

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