Two Poems by Bethany

To My Friends

What if I were
Would it change anything
Would friendships die or shrivel
Would you rethink everything I've said
Would you review everything I've done.

What if I were
Would I have to hide it
Would you be ashamed of me
Would you not even care.
What if I were gay.

I am gay
What are you going to do
Are you going to shun me
Are you going to embrace me
I'm the same person I was yesterday
Please remember that
I am gay
But I'm still me.

(I wrote "To My Friends..." before coming out. That had a happy ending, no fear.)


Tomorrow we'll sit down together
We'll talk about my life and college
You'll tell me another story about the War
Grandpa, I need to tell you something
I fell in love when I was thirteen
And it was my love for her that helped
Me to realize this year that
Grandpa, I'm gay

I'm the baby you did cartwheels for
Just to see me smile
I'm the girl you brought to the library
To teach me a love of books
I'm the girl you made a spaceship for
So we could travel to the stars
I'm the granddaughter you've always known
Grandpa, I'm gay.

I love you Grandpa
Just like I always have
Can you still love me if I'm gay
Tomorrow over brunch
If I tell you I'm gay
Will you still love me
By tomorrow night?

Bethany, 17 & from Western Massachusetts, can be contacted at k41632@yahoo.com

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