Maps To Creation

By Chance, S1mulation@aol.com

We stood in the bathroom,
Unsure of one another,
Like actually seeing each other
For the first time…
We looked in each other’s eyes
And I saw a smile, and tears,
And laughter at an angry world
To which we no longer belonged,
Belonging to a world of our own
New wondrous creation…
And when we kissed, and
The stars in the sky suddenly
Made sense, they were a
Map to the heart of you…
You actually let the laugh go,
And your eyes ate mine,
I heard the song of your voice
"We all suffer for our addiction."
You created me then,
And I’ll always remember those words…
We always suffer for our addiction.
How right we were in our world,
Where nothing can hurt us…
How right we were, naked…?
In front of each other and
Baring everything we always
Wanted to, because we were addiction,
We were love, we were everything we
Wanted to be as we created each other.
A masterpiece of each other’s souls.

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