Two poems by Rachel


He is so
Wonderfully frail
His battered ego
Barely held up
By half-heard utterances
Before a cracked mirror
Searching for beauty
A self-validation
He cannot seem to find

Wrong Sky

Light hits
The suburbs
It‚s a new day
For a very special girl
She paints her face
And squeezes into
A tight skirt
And a tighter shirt
Of course she‚s got a body
You want but could never have
And of course all the boys
Are ogling over her
But sometimes she wonders
If this is all there is
And if there‚ll ever be fireworks
In her sky
But she kisses them anyway
Uses and abuses without care
Rationalizes the best she can
Since if they want her
Of course she‚ll want them
But fireworks won‚t light up her night
Kiss them all she wants
She can never make it right
Until she finally realizes
She‚s been looking
At the wrong

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