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My Island With Kyle 2: Dinner, a Movie, and Two Surprises

By Dave

Chapter 9

We arrived in the next town and separated. I pulled into a sit down Italian restaurant, it was a non-expensive place that I had always liked. The last time I had been here was with Scott and two girls, one of those he had been trying to hook me up with. Goes without saying that didn't work out. Inside I stepped ahead of him and said:

"What do ya feel like eating tonight?" It was a sit down restaurant, but you ordered your food up front and then hunted a seat.

"I don't know, how about you?" He stared blankly at the menu board.

"I'm feeling a little like fettuccine myself."

"Whatever is good, I don't mind. How much is that stuff?" Kyle said.

"Don't worry about that, I got it." Kyle looked over at me and gave me a puzzled look. I leaned over and whispered so the people in line ahead and others wouldn't hear:

"If we're on a date, I'm paying. I just figured since I'm older, I get that right."

Kyle smiled, "Hey, that's cool, fine with me."

We both ordered the food, paid and sat down.

"This isn't too bad," Kyle said, while chewing the noodles. I noticed he had some of the white sauce around his mouth and on his chin. I started laughing.

"What? What's so funny?" Kyle said.

"Nothing.. well, ok, looks like you just got done serving.. somebody."

He touched his chin and wiped off the sauce then looked at it on his hand.

He laughed and said: "Watch it, that somebody may one day soon be you."

I just looked at him with my eyebrows raised, I hadn't exactly expected that. "Um, yeah, cool." I felt a little red.

"So," he said, "You've never had anyone else?" Kyle asked.

"No, not really. I've messed around before, but nothing even near mutual."

"Oh, that's not what I meant, I mean like a relationship, but that'll do." He said.

"Ah, um, well I've never had a relationship before, I know that. Tell me more about this other guy, Jake."

Kyle looked back at his food. "What's there to tell, really? We became friends, found out we were the same, and got caught doing stuff, nothing much more about it."

"Well, yeah, but how did you both find out? I mean it's not an everyday thing, asking someone that."

"Uh, yeah, well, I kinda liked him before, and well there was just something different about him, something just, well, the way he would touch and play around with me, even the way he looked at me. What actually brought it out was when I went over there one day, and he had a sunburn, so I rubbed some of that aloe vera lotion on it. I was pretty good at it, I guess, and well, rubbing his back had kinda gotten me... you know, excited. All of a sudden he leaned back into me... into it, and I freaked out. I thought he was going to think I was a freak because I had that problem, then he said something about relieving myself, but I was already too shaken up to stay, and I bolted."

"Man, what a break. Rubbing lotion on a guy's back, who you find out is like you and you split?" I said.

"Yeah, I know, but I was messed up, I had never found anyone like that before."

"So how's the rest go?" I asked, between a bite of bread and a sip of my cola.

Kyle ate another fork full of noodles, swallowed, took a drink and continued. I stared at him, I even thought the way he ate was cute, Jesus.

"I walked around the island, had to find a few secluded spots on the beach because I was near balling my eyes out, and once I found solitude I did. Fate maybe, something, found Jake to that same spot a while later. I crept up cautiously, and sat with him. We talked, then kinda kissed, then went back to his house." He went back to his dinner.

"...And then what? What did you do then?" I was stopped, anxious for an answer.

"Oh, well that's where we were caught, and then later of course I had my incident with the older guys."

"Older guys, dang kid, how many guys you get with over vacation?" I looked at him and smiled. He wasn't smiling back.

"Whoops, what's wrong, something I said?" I said.

"Yeah, you could say that. That night was the night I got beat up. We went to a party, I got a little drunk, but mostly tired and sleepy from the pills they had dissolved in my drink. Those older guys took me out, beat and yelled at me, and left me on my front porch. Jake had only gone to the bathroom ten minutes, but that was enough for them to talk me into leaving without him. I don't remember that much, really. Just them taking me to the beach, near some rocks, and the waves and salt water hitting my wounds as they took turns kicking and hitting me. They yelled things like faggot and wimp, and what could I do, I was drugged up and no match for all of them even at full alert. I just cried, no, wailed, and that just made them hit harder.... and it almost happened again the other night." He had dropped his fork and just stared at the table.

"I'm... I'm sorry for what happened, it's horrible. You see why I don't want to come out, now, but why I do also, so I can protect you. God this whole world seems screwed up." I said.

"You see then why I'm out of luck, I had no choice, I didn't even confirm I was gay and they still beat the crap out of me. I've had my choice and my personal life stolen from me, I'm screwed and that's that. You shouldn't come out, I just need to take it alone, it happened to me and I'm the one who got shorted, not you, you can still enjoy your year." He was starting to get red in the face.

"No, I'm not gonna let others get you down, you're partly my responsibility, no respecting guy I know would let others beat up on his girlfriend, and so I'm not gonna go any different. You don't have to worry about that, I'll take care of it like I did last night." I wanted to reach over and hold his hand, but knew it was futile, and dangerous.

"I still had my freedom stolen from me, I have to live lesser than I would've, and that sucks."

"Yeah, life sucks sometimes. But, then there are the good things, like us. Don't tell me that doesn't brighten things a little." I said, and Kyle looked up and smiled.

We finished and left the joint. I drove us over to the movie theater and we decided to see a drama, some movie with Freddie Prinze Jr., someone we both agreed was pretty hot.

I bought our tickets, which Kyle didn't object to, and went to get seats. We were full from dinner as I had planned, avoiding the craving to spend a hundred bucks at the concessions. I was going to sit somewhere in the middle but Kyle grabbed my jacket and directed me to the very back. We chose to seats in the middle. I thought it was kinda suspicious looking, but I went along with it. Not too many showed up for the movie, just a few couples and some adults with a kid. No one, thankfully, that we knew.

The movie started and Kyle immediately laced his arms through mine and gripped my hand. He leaned back and I joined him, kinda paranoid but at the same time exhilarated by the thought of this in front of others. No one was looking back, of course, but at any time they could.

About twenty minutes into the movie Kyle used his other hand and tapped me on the shoulder. I looked over at him, and saw a face closing in on mine. I met his kiss quickly, surprised so much I almost missed his lips altogether, but caught the bottom one in time. We kissed slowly, and only opened mouths a few times so not to make too much noise. We had stopped paying attention to the movie and full attention to ourselves. His lips were so incredibly soft, like dough or something, small and tight. I broke hands and put both mine around him, one on his shoulder and around the back and the other on his stomach and side. He just let his go limp for awhile. It was about ten minutes later when he decided to do something with one of those arms. He leaned back more, which made me lean back, and still while kissing reached his hand over and undid my jean button. I gasped but didn't break kiss. He let my zipper go down a little and then put a little of his hand down the waistband of my boxers. The rest of his warm hand was on my stomach. We still kissed, a little less engaging now, as he slid is hand down further. A clear tent had formed in my boxers. He slid his hand down further still and then, finally, grasped me. He rubbed a little and felt around some more, cupping me and sending shivers down my spine. He played for awhile longer and we kissed until it was getting a little too hot for theater tastes. It had been too long, we were lucky to have made it without being noticed this long, so he decided to stop. He took his hand out and broke kiss, then redid my jeans up, then I had to readjust myself from still being quite up. He smiled and I smiled back. Then we went back to watching the movie and after awhile he leaned his head back on my shoulder, and I really didn't care if anyone saw us.

After the movie got out we left the room and as I was walking Kyle suddenly pulled me off and into the bathroom. Now I had been pretty horny, but I wasn't this horny, or this desperate. I looked at him puzzled.

"Jamie and her friends are out there in the concession line!" He said, horror in his eyes.

"Ah, shit, not them. What do we do?" I asked.

"Well, they can't see us, less you want to be seen alone with a gay guy." He said, a little bitterness in his voice.

"Could say the same for you." I said.

"Yeah, but I'm the one who's known."

"Ok, ok, this is pointless, what really do we do, is there a back door?"

"I don't know, how could we even get to it without them " Kyle was cut off by the door opening and a guy walking in. We both went to the sinks and started to wash hands. Kyle whispered:

"Hey, you could go out there, get out to your car, pull out front out of view of the concession stand and I could come out."

"Hell no, you think I'm leaving you alone in a bathroom? HELL NO." I said.

"Well, do you have a better idea?" He asked.

"We'll just hang out here until they leave." I said.

"Ok, I guess that might work." The other guy in the restroom left, and I went to check outside. It wasn't looking good, the line was long. There were four in Jamie's party, including her. Two guys, two girls, and a really long concession line. Why couldn't she just wait a little into the movie to get her stupid food?

Oh, but then, of course, it got worse. The two guys started heading to our location, the restroom! They were coming fast, I closed the door, don't think they saw me, and ran over to Kyle.

"The two guys are coming over here, they didn't see me, but I don't know what to do."

"Oh crap." Kyle said. Then I had an idea.

"Ok, we'll just hide in the stalls and hope to god they didn't eat at taco bell before they came." I smiled.

"This is nuts" Kyle said.

"Yeah, this is life." I said.

We chose the two stalls in the back. I opened mine, got in, stood on the toilet and closed the door, hoping Kyle did the same. I heard the door open and people come in. I held my breath, mostly to try to keep from breaking out laughing. I don't know why, but I found this moment kinda funny.

"Jesus, I hate the Jamie girl." Said bad guy number one.

"Yeah, well, you're not the one who has to go out with her." Number two.

"Man, this sucks, why do we have to do this? I hate doing this." Number one.

"You know why, we can't let any suspicion arise about us. If that means getting girlfriends, that means getting girlfriends. Hey, we're worth it, right?" Number two said. By this time I was near freaking out. What the heck were they talking about?

"I suppose. I just hope I don't have to make out with her or something, I don't know if I can do it." Number one.

"Hey, just think of kissing me the whole time, eh?"

"Oh, man, you know there's no way she could ever even match kissing like you."

"Hehe, thanks. God you're the best. I can't wait till later tonight."

"I know, ok, let's just get through this movie, then we can do whatever. Hey, you believe about that Kyle kid Jamie keeps bitching about? God, I wish she'd shut up. I feel bad for the kid, but then again I don't, he should of been more careful. He is pretty cute, though."

"Yeah, I saw him the yesterday, I was at that party for a little bit."

"That was crappy how those other kids tried to kick his ass. I heard they almost got their asses kicked, though, I heard they pissed off a couple of seniors."

"No, really? Who?"

"Well, there was Scott, who you're friends with from that computer class last year, and then Jack Collins, and some Ryan kid I've never heard of, but heard that he was pretty tough."

"I wonder where that Kyle kid went? They looked all over for him, even stopped by his house, but didn't tell his mom he wasn't over at the party when they found he wasn't there."

"Who knows. That kid's gonna have it bad when school starts. I hate our school."

"You know, we could help him out, maybe.... I don't know, since we're like him we could talk to him and maybe "

"NO, are you crazy? We can't trust him, we can't trust anyone, at least no one but ourselves. Now come on, we have to get back to those girls before they start wondering why we take so long to take a whiz."

"Alright, but one kiss before we go?" Number one, I believe.

"Ok." Number two.

I heard the familiar sound and then two pairs of foot steps leaving. I had to reconnect my mouth to my jaw from dropping so low. I got out of the stall when I heard the door close and a second later Kyle came out. His mouth was still open. His eyebrows were raised oddly and I put a hand on his shoulder and said:

"I guess we're not alone."

He hugged me, and I embraced in return. This was too much for one night, it was time to head home. He dug his head in my chest a little and began crying. I didn't know why, but assumed it was a relief kinda cry, and let it slide without explanation. We broke and I checked outside in time to see Jamie, another girl, and our two love birds flocking side by side, with the other two on their arms of course, into another movie, another adventure. It felt like peeking into a door that opened to a completely different story, one probably as mess up as mine and Kyle's. I hoped there's would work out as much as our own, it was great to know there were others out there. It was also one hell of a coincidence, I might add. How lucky was Jamie that she falls for two gay guys in the same month? Perhaps it meant more, though, meant something that we were hear at the right time and the right place to realize we weren't alone. A sign, miracle, freak occurrence, whatever. I'm not professing a sudden divine intervention belief, but I am acknowledging it was pretty special. I'll leave it at that.

We left, drove home in near silence. I let the soft piano and wonderful vocals of Aimee Mann play off the Magnolia soundtrack play out on the CD player. It was incredibly peaceful, like the ride over, only at night, with the top down and being able to glance up at the stars every now and then. Kyle fell asleep on my arm, which was fine by me. This night, hectic and new and surprising and overall maddening a night as it was, it was what I had come to expect from time I spent with Kyle. Were all relationships, gay and straight, this wonderful and at the same time insane and crazy as ours was? I wondered this and decided to let it go unanswered. I didn't care about any other relationship right now. This was the one for me, the perfect thing I had been looking for, no, starving for, for the past year or two. Whether it lasted a year or a hundred years, it was impacting me enough now to last forever.

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