The Big Push: Part Two

By DrakKnigh, unlimeted@hotmail.com

I laid there for hours, I could not get to sleep. So I decided to get up and sit somewhere. I looked at the clock, it was almost one o'clock. I got out of bed quietly and crept by Tyler. I tried not to make the floor squeak or crack any, but sometimes it was unavoidable. I went out onto the balcony and sat on the side of it. The hard cement was cold on my back side, but I sat anyway. I watched the nightlife of the city from the balcony. The cars, one by one in scarce intervals fly by. The neon lights of the city, the odd car horn or siren. The sky was clear, I could see the moon and stars, and the faint hint of Kentucky Fried Chicken was in the air. It was so beautiful, I could feel a tear running down my cheek. I did not even hear Tyler open the sliding glass door. He walked out and put his hand on my shoulder. I jumped in surprise at the gesture.

"What's wrong? Did I do something?" He said quietly to me with a sympathetic look in his eye.

"No, its not you, its me." Geeze, of all the things to say, " I'm just trying to work through something……. It's just…….." I wanted to scream out at him, I'm gay. I couldn't though, I had no idea if he was and if he wasn't that would kill me. I could only hope. He sat there still looking at me, as if waiting for me to finish my sentence, but I wasn't going to. He sat down beside me and told me it was ok, that I could tell him. I couldn't take it anymore, I didn't care if I was a man, I burst into tears. He took my head and put it into his chest, hugged me tight and told me it was ok. We laid there for a while like that, I was still crying, I don't know why, I just couldn't stop. I was tired of being this way, unlike everyone else. Finally I came to the decision, I couldn't take it anymore, it was eating at me. This was as good of time as any. So I told him the only way I could.

"Tyler?" I mumbled to him with my head still buried in his chest and sniffling from crying so much.

"Ya?" He said caringly.

"I met you just yesterday, and you where so nice to me, and I was such an ass." I saw the look in his eye, the kind that said 'don't say that'. " Today I got to know you more, and well…….." I paused for a brief moment to reflect on everything I had said, and then thought about what I was about to say to him. I took a deep breath and continued. "I have fallen in love with you…….. I love you Tyler." I couldn't believe I said it, but I did. He pulled my head up to eye level, and looked right into my eyes, to see if I was telling him the truth. His eyes burned through me, I felt so embarrassed when he looked at me, I tried to turn away, but he was holding my head. Then as if out of some fairy tale, he kissed me. Quickly on the lips, then he pulled his head back.

"I love you too."

I nearly melted. I could feel all the blood rushing out of my face. Did he just say and do what I think? I could hear angels singing, and I could see bright lights. Then our faces moved closer together and we kissed again. This time a little longer, and deeper. Everything was moving so fast, I didn't know what was happening. The next thing I knew we where on top of each other in the bed. Not naked, but still. For the next few hours I knew I was in heaven, I was so happy, and so was he.

For the first time in a while I woke up with a smile on my face. Tyler was still beside me, sleeping. I quietly rolled over to see the clock, it was 9:32am. I looked up and rubbed my eyes, the light from outside only slightly came in through the gaps in the curtains. I was already awake, and kind of hungry after last night, so I decided to get us some breakfast. I picked up the phone and rang the front desk. A man answered the phone and yawned.

"Hello?" he said in a tired kind of not caring voice.

"Hi there, do you bring breakfast up to rooms?" I asked politely. I hope they do, I was really hungry, but I wasn't about to leave Tyler.

"Well sir, there is a continental breakfast in the lobby free of charge, it is served until 10. If you want something more, yes we do provide breakfast, but at an extra cost, billed to you when you leave." He sounded more awake when saying that.

"Oh, that's great. Ok what do you have to eat?" I asked in curiosity. I heard a sigh of stress from the other end.

"Sir, there is a menu beside the phone, maybe you would like to choose something out of there, if you can read." The last part was mumbled, but still rude.

"No, that's fine, I think I will just have scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. With that I would like juice and coffee, and can you make that for two?"

"Very good choice sir, they will be ready shortly." He said quickly then hung up without even saying goodbye.

To fill the time I started to pick up all the clothes that where strewn about. I tidied up a bit, not a lot, I wouldn't want to take over the job of the maid. Before I knew it I heard a knock on the door. I ran over to the bathroom and threw on one of their robes. I went to the door, a little out of breath and opened it. A man in a suit wheeled in a cart.

"Scrambled eggs with bacon and toast, coffee and orange juice, times two." He said as he walked towards the door. I thanked him and slipped him a five. After he had left I closed and locked the door. I turned around to walk back into the room and Tyler was standing there.

"Holy Jesus! You scared the shit out of me!" I said as I clutched my heart.

"Did you order breakfast?" He said as he looked up from the cart to me.

"Ya…..Why? Don't tell me you don't like eggs…..Because….." I said as I was cut off.

"No, its just no one has ever ordered breakfast for me before. I love you." He said as he approached to hug me, then kiss me.

The eggs where good, we ate everything on the cart, apparently he had the same appetite after last night that I did. We finished our breakfast by 10:30am. After finishing breakfast we sat together to let the food work through, we talked a little. These conversations where not like the ones we had before. the conversations we had before where something like 'what kind of school did we go to' or 'what are our friends like'. Stuff like that. These conversations where different, when we talked we asked questions like 'where do we go from here?' 'What's the next step that we take' and stuff like that. After thinking about life in general for a while, we started thinking more specifically.

"So, what do you want to do today?" I asked Tyler. We where sitting on the bed and holding hands, we both had a smile on our face and we where both enjoying each others company.

"Well." A quizzical look came over his face and he stared at the ceiling, as if it would give him some answer. "We could go see a movie, or go to the mall or………" He paused, trying to remember other things.

"How 'bout a movie, that sounds good. Do you know of anything good playing?" I said to him to spare him from straining himself. He looked relieved when I picked an activity for us to do.

"Well….. I don't know, why don't we just choose when we get there." He said smiling at me.

We got up from the bed, still holding hands and headed for the hotel room door. Tyler and I where making mindless conversation now, and just as I reached for the door handle it turned and the door opened. Our hands fell to our sides and a state of shock set in to both of us. My mom walked in the door, but I didn't feel like staying to talk to her for long. I had to drag Tyler with one hand, and with the other I grabbed my mom's arm and dragged her towards me to give her a peck on the cheek.

"Hi mom, going to see a movie with Tyler, thanks for the dinner last night, ordered breakfast and charged it to your credit card. No time to talk, were going to be late. See ya later." I said it quick hoping she would catch the credit card part, but as we where walking down the hallway I could here her saying the word credit card in a questionable manner.

We arrived at the cinema to find it not to crowded. It was an old cinema, on right on the main street of Lindsay, it had a big sign that over hung the street that said in bright neon lights, 'CINEMA'. We didn't have to wait in line to get to the ticket booth, so we walked right up.

"Hi Tyler." A chipper young female voice said from behind. I jerked around, it startled me a bit. Standing there was a medium sized girl about 15 years old with blonde hair. Tyler didn't seem to startled and slowly turned around.

"Oh, Hi Alesia." Tyler said while in mid turn.

"Wanna see a movie with me?" She said, smiling widely at him and totally ignoring me. She was trying to pick him up, right in front of me, and she had no idea he was…. I almost broke out laughing, but a swift thrust from Tyler's foot prevented it.

"Actually Alesia, I'm going to see a movie with my friend Dave here." He said while resting his hand on my shoulder.

"Oh, well would you like to get together tonight?" She said. He voice was bordering on desperation. This time I almost lost it, here was a girl trying to pick up a guy who just spent the night with me. Tyler tightened his grip on my shoulder to keep me from laughing.

"I don't think so. Maybe some other time though." Tyler said trying to let her down easy, I don't think there was any easy way to let her down, she seemed right obsessed.

"Sure Tyler, some other time then." She said. Then she came forward and kissed him on the cheek. All I could do was hope she left, or I was going to die. I wasn't jealous, but Tyler was shocked that she did that. After she walked away Tyler loosened his grip on my shoulder.

"Why don't you ever kiss me like that?" I said sarcastically.

"Shut up." He said half laughing. We walked up and paid for the movie laughing over what had just happened.

When we got into the theater after getting our food we where surprised to see the theater almost empty. We sat in the back row, we weren't going to make out just in case someone saw us.

The movie wasn't that bad, a scary movie like 'I know what you did last summer'. Everytime a tense part came up Tyler would grab my hand, after a while he just didn't bother letting go, that in itself was a brave enough move. By the time the movie was over it was just after 2:00pm and we didn't know what to do. So we just decided to stroll the streets and talk.

"Boy Tyler, that Alesia must really like you." I said giggling.

"Ya, She's always trying to get me. Why do you say that?" He asked with a deep curious look on his face.

"Oh, no reason. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she's coming up from behind us." I said smiling. Tyler had a fatigued look on his face. Almost the type that would turn around and scream I'M GAY! but he didn't, good thing too.

"Hi Tyler, hi Don." She said.

"Dave." I replied sharply.

"Whatever. So Tyler, how did you like the movie? Scary, eh?" She said focusing totally on Tyler.

"Ya, sure, I guess." Tyler said, trying to give her a hint to leave, but she didn't get it. She just kept smiling.

"Well Tyler….. I guess it's about time I….." I started smiling at him. He turned and gave me a look that pleaded not to leave him alone with her. I respected him enough to try to get him out of this situation.

"…..I guess its about time I eat, you said you would come with me to McAndrews remember?" I said hoping Alesia wouldn't come.

"Oh ya, because of…. That thing you wanted to talk about." He said trying to continue our lie. We started to dig ourselves a nice little hole.

"What thing?" Said Alesia.

"the thing? Oh, its a guy thing, you wouldn't understand. It just has to do with…… Um…… Some stuff." I was starting to get as confused as everyone else.

"Great, I would love to hear about it, let's go." Alesia said putting her arm around Tyler's, and extending her other arm for mine. Tyler looked like he was going to break down. So I made the most subtle move I could and winked at him.

We arrived at McAndrews, the local pub I found myself at the first time I met Tyler. A small place, hard wood floor and memorabilia all over the walls and ceiling. When we got to our table Alesia had to use the bathroom.

"Thanks for not leaving me with her. I really appreciate it." He said not looking up from the table.

"No prob. She's very persistent and she likes you. You should tell her you aren't interested in her." I said looking at him.

Alesia came back to the table and insisted on sitting beside Tyler, and since I was a gentleman, I gave her the seat. Tyler was all to happy to be sitting beside her too.

When our food came we became less talkative. Tyler was trying to keep Alesia at bay by refusing to go over to her house, and he had to restrain me from laughing, poor Tyler. Then Alesia made her move, at first I didn't know what was going on, then Tyler's eyes widened. Then he said in a cracky voice.

"A…A…….Alesia, what are you d….doing?"

"I thought I would be a little more forward with you." She said. Alesia had placed her hand in Tyler's lap, and was….. well you know. Tyler's face was turning from surprised to nauseous. She was sure making it hard for me to contain myself. If only she knew what was really going on.

"I have to use the bathroom, I'll be right back." I said with a little big of a skip in my voice. As I walked away from the table I could see Tyler try to get her to stop what she was doing, I thought nothing of it and entered the men's washroom. I didn't have to use it, I just thought he may want to deal with her, then maybe she would stop. The washroom was small, one urinal and a single stall. In front of me was a stand alone sink with a mirror above it. I approached the sink and stood there, looking into the mirror. I watched my reflection for a minute, then a large man wearing jeans and a flannel shirt walked in. He grunted when he saw me, as if to greet me. He broke me out of my daze and I assumed that was enough time to let them work it out. So I left the washroom and headed back for my table.

I was in eye view of the table when I saw Alesia in tears and Tyler trying to apologize to her. I stooped behind a corner and just listened to what they where saying. I couldn't hear a lot but a few words stood out.

"You fucking faggots! I hate you!". Alesia said in a loud and ill mannered voice.

"I'm sorry Alesia, but I love him." Tyler replied. I froze, I couldn't hear anything else but those last few words that he said, in public. Alesia clutched her mouth and ran out of the restaurant. I was furious. He just let out my biggest, deepest darkest secret to the world. Soon everyone would know I'm gay. I walked out from behind the wall and approached the table. Tyler was sitting there with a desperate expression on his face. I threw some money on the table, as well as the movie stub. I could feel tears building up so I turned and walked towards the door. I didn't even look back, I just walked out.

I walked around for a bit, but I ended up at the only place I knew, the park. I was mad, confused and sad all wrapped into a big ball. By the time I got there it was about 6:30pm. I walked through the park until I came to the bench 'Mark Loves Kate 4 Ever.' The same bench where Tyler and I actually started talking. I didn't sit this time though, I walk close to the edge of the cliff. The sun was beginning to set, and all the trees below on the rolling hills looked so beautiful. Unfortunately my pain was to great, tears where rolling down my cheeks and my face was red. What would my mom say? She would find out by tomorrow no doubt. I stood there and thought for a minute. Just take one step and my problems would end. After considering the consequences of that action I decided not to. I stepped away from the cliff and headed for the park entrance. I was crossing the road when I heard my name being called. I turned to see Tyler calling my name from the side of the road. I ignored him and continued crossing.

"Please Dave talk to me!" He screamed desperately over the excessive honking of the cars.

"No, not after what you just did to me." I managed to shout, although it was distorted from the crying.

"But I love you." He said. I turned and started running away from him. I turned to the side to see a car coming towards me. I heard the screech of the brakes and the loud honk of the horn, but it was going to fast to stop. It hit me with tremendous impact. I flew five or so feet before coming to a stop on the ground. For a few seconds everything was blurry and I couldn't hear right, only low distorted voices of people around me.

"He just ran out in front………….There was no time………..I tried to……." A dark figure said hovering over me. A few seconds later I heard nothing, and saw nothing.

I opened my eyes to find myself staring into a bright white light. I was laying on a hard aluminum table. I sat up and I was no longer on a table, but in a comfortable red arm chair sitting in front of a large fountain spraying black and gold glitter. I got up and approached the fountain to see cats and dogs swimming in it, chasing each other. I looked up from the fountain to see a man, wearing the same clothes as myself, holding a green light bulb out to me. I took the light bulb from him, and the floor dropped out from under me. I fell down a long tunnel lined with pictures of dead Presidents until I landed on a bag of rice. I was in a large field, and numbers and letters where flying all around the somewhat orange sky. A man wearing a black and white swim suit was standing in the field, painted in chalk on the front of his suite was the words 'Use the Key'. My hand that was holding the light bulb got very hot, I opened my somewhat clutched fist to find a gold key. I looked at my feet and I was standing on a sheet of metal in the ground. Imprinted in the metal where the words 'Don't Tread On Me!'I stepped off the sheet and it flew up into a large solid wood door. I started to feel very happy at that time, I don't know why, so I placed the key into the slot. I unlocked the door and opened it……

The next thing I remember was opening my eyes and staring at the ceiling of a hospital room. I turned to the side to see my mom sleeping in a chair, and Tyler sleeping next to her. The clock on the wall said 2:45am. It was dark in the room, but the faint hallway lights where emanating into our room. I could hear voices, doctors being paged. I tried to sit up, but I found my arms had tubes coming out of them, as well as my nose. My head hurt badly.

I laid there, staring at the ceiling for an hour or so. I coughed by accident, it hurt my head to do so. I could hear Tyler rustling around a bit, but I didn't bother to look. I just stared at the ceiling.

"Dave……..You awake?" He whispered, so as not to wake my mom.

"You know Tyler, I don't like the color of their ceilings here. I have been looking at them for the past hour now, and its starting to make me sick." I whispered back. Tyler got out of his chair and came over to my bed. He put his hand on mine, kissed me softly on the cheek and smiled.

"Its great to hear your voice again. I was getting worried that you would never wake up." He said. He looked tired, like he hadn't gotten a lot of sleep.

"Its only been a few hours." I said half laughing, but Tyler wasn't laughing.

"Dave….Uh….Since your accident it's been two weeks. You've been in a coma." He said, trying to break it easy.

"A coma?" I said stunned.

"Yes honey we where all very scared." This voice wasn't Tyler's. It was my mom's, she got up and walked over to the bed. I pulled my hand from Tyler's so she wouldn't see us holding hands. As I did that she reached for my hand, and put it back with Tyler's.

"No Dave. I know, and its ok." She said smiling at me. "Tyler told me everything, you don't have to lie or hide from anyone anymore. Both myself and Tyler will always be with you." She said it with such love, I couldn't believe it.

"A lot of people know, and everyone seems to be ok with it, even my parents," Tyler said. I laughed then.

"Even…..Alesia?" I laughed even more, but had to stop because my head hurt, but Tyler kept laughing.

"No, but she will be……I'm sorry. If I didn't tell her none of this would have happened to us." He said.

"Exactly." I said holding his hand tighter. My mom then left the room to go find a doctor.

"If you didn't tell her, I wouldn't be here, with the two people I love most. The main thing is, if you didn't tell her, I could admit to people I loved only one of those two people. Now I can admit to both with out worry. Thank you Tyler." I said as a tear ran down my cheek. Tyler then leaned over the bed and kissed me again.

"I love you." He said.

"I love you too." I replied smiling.


This story was written as a 'fantasy'. Not everyone's fantasy, but my fantasy. The boy in the story 'Tyler', is a real person, if you look closely you may even discover who he is, I did leave a lot of hints. Although I wish this story happened, it didn't. This was all made up in my mind, kinda scary. I am a gay teen, of only 15 years old, I am in Canada (I'm not going to be specific), and I do go to school. So that is why this story took a while to get out. This is the first story I have ever finished enough to post it. I already like the response from the first part, so I may try another one, but not a sequel. Thanks for reading my story.

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