March 2000

To what may be the rest-

It's funny, when I look back, only two or three months, I remember when I knew everything. God that was boring. Always an opinion, (that really hasn't changed) and always having an answer, a way to get something done. There was no problem I couldn't solve.

Now I'm not just up and bragging, if that's how this is coming across, or at least I'm not trying to. You see over the last few months, things have changed. I got my first job, my first love, and my first good report card. The funniest thing is, I got all of them by chance (or at least that's how I see it).

I started consulting for a company, owned by a friend, which is paying really well, but it's also a lot of work. I met my first love, my boyfriend, Kevin (and no that's not his real name, I like his better, but I'm not supposed to use it), at the group I go to, and it has really made me feel a lot more emotions of all sorts. It opened me up. And well, with my grades, that's I guess cause I put in some effort, probably because of the first two things, but I'm happy about it, and it has just made me want to work harder. Maybe things are just fate.

If I hadn't had all the things that have happened to me happen in the past few months, maybe I would have stayed the same, just a lonely computer nerd, whose main goal in life was to get rich. So thanks to whatever force that made this happen, cause I like this lifestyle a lot better then the last.



P.S. I wasn't in the mood to write about Valentines Day, but it was fun, and I did spend it with Kevin, and anyway, that's probably what most people will talk about.

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