Lincoln Ho

March 2000

Now, last month I sort of touched the subject a bit but didn't really talk about it. Well, guess what? I'm gonna expand it now. (gee, that was exciting.)

Will and Grace

To most of the people that see that heading, you know what I'm talking about, to those that don't, Will and Grace is a successful new sitcom on television that features two gay men in it. Now why am I talking about this?

Well, I see this show to be a problem and a bash to gay people. Hmm... let's see... we have a totally straight married guy acting out as a gay guy who happens to almost seemingly fall in love to become straight. Now how lame of a story is that? Or, let's take it another way... we have a straight married guy acting as a gay guy on TV to make jokes of gay people because they happen to be a gay guy on TV. That's like taking a white guy acting as a black guy to make fun of blacks. I see this as a discrimination, anyone else agree?

Sure, some of you might say that it's all for fun and a good laugh, but as I pointed out with the white guy acting black, it's totally wrong. Just because they are acting something, it doesn't mean they can make jokes about it just because they are that in the story. It totally doesn't make any sense what so ever, but, it's become one of the most successful shows of this season... why?

I'm pretty sure that if we had a white guy act as a black and making jokes on air about blacks, the station would probably be sued and complaints would be up to the door of the studio. But in the case of Will and Grace, why is it being so accepted by people? Why are we in it to watch something like that as well? A lot of the gay population has gotten hooked to the show as well without realising that the show may be harmful to people. In what we call one of the most "equalitized" times in history, we aren't realising that things in good fun do hurt people, and that's the whole point of what I've been trying to say here.

Now with the case of that Avery lady from CBC that was fired for saying something on air that wasn't supposed to have aired, I say she deserved to be fired. For anyone that does say something in any work place or environment, especially in front of a camera, it is not accepted no matter what the excuse is. She wrote a bunch of crap on the National Post to apologize and never meaning what she said but if she never intended to say it, why then, would anyone say something like that?

Again, it's the concept of making something funny out of people that makes the story so catchy to people. Many say that what she said was not supposed to be on air so it's fine. BUT she still said it. And if you pop in a joke like that in class or wherever, you may get into some deep water.

This all goes back to that golden rule, do unto others as you would have others do unto you (with different variations of course).

Gee, I guess some grade 3 kids may even be taking this more easily than adults can handle it. That's crazy.

Media is a big scale that many people just don't grasp and connect with their own life. So, let's take it a step closer, why is the definition of a "fag" so negative? Why does no one want to hang around with "fags"? Why are "fags" so "gay"? Why do people say "that's so 'gay'" when they see something they don't like? Does anybody ever think about that? Really, how does it feel to be a young teen in the midst of coming out when things around them are like this? How does it feel to be a "fag" that no one likes or everybody making a joke out of them everyday of their life?

Those are questions to ask yourself every time you hear "fag" or "gay" being used as an insult. It goes back to another one of the rules. Ever heard of the phrase "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt me"? Well, the truth is, scars of any kind do hurt. Emotional scars are those that may never be healed in a lifetime. If you don't believe me, look at some victims of domestic violence or rape. Those are extreme examples but it just proves how the heart can bleed from actions and words.

If you are still reading this and forget my entire column, please, take the last three paragraphs out of this column. It's up to you to change attitudes in the world. I may sound repetitive or crazy, but it is up to everyone, including YOU, to make a difference.

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Thanks for reading (for those that did) and hopefully, I'll hear from y'all. Please, I hardly ever receive any replies to my column. I'm beginning to think that no one reads my columns so what's the use of writing if no one reads this. Don't think that someone else will write me, cuz they won't. So if YOU are reading this, please don't hesitate to write me!!! I am human and I do need support as well.

C-ya all, God bless, and take care!

Lincoln Ho

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