March 2000


For those of you who don't know me, which would be all of you, I'm Zach (not my real name of course), a fourteen year old male living in the middle of the Southwestern Baptist Belt. I'm about 75% out, and I don't, and will never, fear being hurt or harassed for who I am. Anyway, now that you know me I'll get down to business.

Would you associate with someone of a different race? Would you be friends with them? How about dating them? How would you look upon someone who did date a person of a different race? We all know the answer. We should tell them that they can be in love with whoever they want, and race shouldn't be an issue. What about a couple with an age difference of 15 years? Now, if you ask most normal middle-aged people all those questions, most would say it was fine, even though some of them disagree. They can live their life, you can live yours right? That is, until you say something about homosexuality or even sex in general. Then, the person locks themselves inside their mental box and throws away the key. People just refuse to talk about it.

Is it any more wrong for a girl to date another girl, than for a white man to date a black woman? What about kissing? Homosexual activists would all say "It's great, and love is love!", and I'm sure everyone reading this is thinking the same thing. Homosexual people should be the most accepting people in the world, but we are far from it. What if a guy were to sleep with almost every guy he thought was cute on the first date? We would gasp and say, "Whore!", like respectable people should. What if a beautiful girl sees someone fat or ugly in a gay bar looking at her. Does she go over to her and introduce herself, or does she act like the person doesn't even exist?

We should realize that these things are wrong. Prejudice is prejudice if straight people, gay people, black people, white people, teachers, famous actors, or anyone else you can imagine is doing it. It hurts the same. You know, that deep pain you feel when you get rejected by someone, they act like you don't exist, just because you're gay. It is just the same as being rejected because you're ugly, or wearing a lot of eye shadow, or just being different. So next time you see a purple-haired, big-nosed guy, get to know him. You might be surprised. If you ever want to e-mail me for any reason my e-mail is zach9567@hotmail.com.

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