Two poems by Rachel

A Lesson in Linguistics

Harnessed storms mar their gaze
Their lips move without conviction
"Tolerance," they parrot
That's something I don't believe in
When all they wait for is
The day they're rid of me
I'd no longer be that thorn if
They could finally learn
But that's something I can't afford
To wait for

1/25/00 - Inspired by the words of Anthony Colin, who is fighting for a GSA in El Modena High.



Gazing out
Over a double espresso
Eyes darting
Over hurried passersby
What brings them to this street
And what stories they have locked inside
I wonder
Why she wears blue today
Is red
Far too wild or clichéd
I know
I will never meet her
And that makes it so much easier
To weave
Lies about her life


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