Note from MrPostman: The following is a poem by my straight friend...I talk about him further in this months featured article. He has been very open about my feelings and really wanted to post this poem on Oasis after he read some of mine. It was written after a time that he and his girlfriend were going through a rough spot. If you'd like to get a hold of him, email me at MrPostman@notme.com


by Kindred Spirit

Brightened days hurt my eyes now
I am heading into the darkness
Is true love just lust
Or is there something else between us
Is this how it's supposed to feel
Am I supposed to feel like her
Is what I feel normal
And what will make me better

True love does not question
True love does not ponder
True love is one and only
Does she feel it? I wonder
She says she loves only me
but is that really true
How can she look me in the eyes
And look at another too

Will it ever be the same
Will she ever feel this again
Was she lying when she told me it
she says she love me
Me the one and only

Then how come she wants another
Then home come she wants me lonely
My feelings are numb
And she cannot wait
She wants to start over
Onto a clean slate
I can't just sweep this
I can't toss it away
I can't rid myself of this feeling
All in just one day

If what she feels is normal
then how come I don't feel that way
Is it because I love her so dear
I could never touch another that way

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