April 2000

Dearest Oasis Readers,

Hi Again! It's me Gary from Central PA

I hope your spring is arriving fabulously. Personally, I like the cold. You can be more fashionable in winter, don't ya think? But hey, I'm a FREAK. Or so I'm told!

Last time I wrote an article for Oasis, it came at a high cost I guess. I was dealing with a closet case, and I guess my emotions flooded upon my column. I'm sincerely sorry for my rambling a few months ago. Ill try to keep it at a minimum this month. ~pinky swear~

Nevertheless, I'll give you beloved Oasis readers an update on my life. Nothing is THAT new and interesting. I've decided to throw men on the back burner for awhile. They've been a top priority of mine for too long. I feel like a friggen hamster on a wheel, no matter how hard I run ~ I get nowhere. Know the feeling?

Its best for me to focus on my friends for my "remaining" days in high school. Most people are so anxious to leave high school. Its becoming a frightening reality guyz! Man-o-Man! I'm so emotional when it comes to these things. Uckk! I'm getting teary eyed..let me stop for now. I'm excited for college, I guess. My best friend and two other close friends are going to IUP as well, so its not that big of a jump. However, I have to leave my grandparents. For those of you who don't know me ~all of you I guess~ I adore my grandparents. Hehe! They are my family *hugzzzzzz* My roommate George will have to deal with a homesick puppy in college. George is a bud from my soccer team. Straight as can be, but nevertheless awesome. He's a good boy! Well at least he better be, he's dating a close friend of mine. He knows how sassy I get over my girlfriends. Haha! Let me stop!

Back to the man thing for awhile! I used to be obsessive on men, I suppose. Life wouldn't be complete unless I had a significant other. It's rather sad now when I look back on it. Uckk! Regrets suck, man! But, I've learned a lot of lessons so it's all-good. I live in a rural town, not that many gay people. Everyone has been with everyone, know what I mean? It's rather depressing in a sense but inspiring in another. I'm excited to leave all this and find my life partner. It sounds rather corny, but while I was soaking in the tub today, listening to my ever-depressing music, I thought of the weirdest thing. I thought about my life partner. Someday, I'll meet him and well, hopefully he'll be my Romeo. ~fingers crossed~

Sometimes I wonder what grade, what college, state, hell what country he is in? For some odd reason it makes me feel better. Maybe just assuming, that someone out there "someday" will fall in love with me helps me deal. Oddly enough, he may be reading this little column right now for all I know. If you are stud, hey ya babe! I can't wait to meet you, to love, and to hold you. ~kiss & hugz~! Hehe! That's really strange but I don't even care. *Kissssssss*

My school situation remains the same. Although I'm not the only gay person in my school, I seem to draw all the negativity. I'm glad in a sense because it prepares me for reality. However, after a long exhausting day, I could live without the put-downs. My friends are always there though. For all you people out there, appreciate your friends. My friends are priceless. Even though they are stuck up bitches, they're mine, and I absolutely adore them. It's said that you reflect your friends, BEN!! Do I?? Ben is the other gay stud in my school. He's probably reading this right now. I'm sure he probably feels like the kid of "Never-ending Story"!! GAWD! I adore that movie!!! *Hugzzzzzz*

This column really lacks a sufficient point! Aye yae yae!

Once again, I want to applaud you "out" homosexual people. And for all you "closet" ones every 1000-mile journey starts with 1 step! A wise man told me that once!

For some reason lately, once again I've been very optimistic about finding my true love. I'm just going to sit back, relax, and patiently wait. I hear good things come to those who indeed wait, maybe I'll give it a try. Who knows, maybe it will. Can't hurt to try, I suppose. I know somewhere in this galaxy there is a man that believes in long-term relationships, values sex, and appreciates honesty and trust. Somewhere there is a man like that! And baby I'll find him. Hehe!

Well, it's getting late. I hope everyone has a terrific month. This column is way over due. Man! I just remembered that deadline thing. *Duh* I'm such a dunce, I swear. Hope all is well in your life. I wish you all the best and for my special love, of course. *Kkkkkiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss*

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