April 2000

Oh my goodness people, don't you just LOVE the weather? You know, I like winter because I can wear all of my winter clothes, but summer... summer is awesome. The part I love best about it is that my big baggy jeans (which are about to go out of style) are like virtual air conditioners. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, bayyyy-beee.

This month's article is written on my bus. It's only about the middle of March (Cuz these articles have to be in my the 15th). For the middle of March, I have to say that 20 degree weather -that's 76 or something Fahrenheit - I'm Canadian, Eh, I don't understand this Empirical system or non-metric system, or whatever you Bill Clinton-ites call it :P hehehehehehehe - KIDDING! KIDDING!! CALM! - anyway, it has got to be some kind of record for South-Western Ontario. People are out biking, walking and rollerblading, and I think it's beautiful, even though I don't know how to rollerblade and I look like a complete fool when I attempt to.

I've had people try to teach me to rollerblade - one of my friends did. Mikey. LOL... he's such a good roller blader, and I don't even know how. I used to scream at him a lot because he would come up behind me and scare me, or skate at me really really quickly and the turn just in time... Yeah.... bad memories.. *sigh* I fell when I was rollerblading with him and he felt really bad. Believe it or not, I actually had the guts to go rollerblading again with him, and we went blading down near the river in Windsor, and all over the place and it was at night too... I miss those days! ANOTHER reason to look forward to summer! Anyway, yeah.. I can propel myself good enough, it's just hills and bumps and twigs and other people and stopping that scare me.... you know - all the aspects of what skating is about.

Sooo.. yeah, I got new speakers for my computer and they have a little awesome sub-woofer that comes with them, and they're sooooooo cute because if you turn the sub-woofer up to max, it starts to dance. I just love sitting there and clapping at it when it does it's little clubbing/base dance. That thing, I swear, can move more air then a two-tonne air conditioner.

Again, to repeat, I'm really looking forward to pride, and the people at the AIDS committee of Windsor have actually now gotten the events finalized, and I've got them marked down on my calendar. I can't wait to go see the parade and the drag queens and to meet up with all of my old friends from Windsor. I miss them all, and because of my full time job and the fact that I have to go to school, I don't get to see them all much. Hopefully, during the summer, I'll have the chance to get to Windsor some more and meet up with my friends like I did last summer. I had so much fun with them, just hanging out together... ooooh the memories children, the memories.

My big trip to Paramount's Canada's Wonderland sponsored by the Ontario AIDS Network is also in the planning stages now. I might go with a friend of mine who's a lesbian and out of the closet at my school. She's so beautiful, I have to say... and I think that she has the most awesome personality in the world. There's going to be tons of events that I can get to go to this year, and because I have my license now, I'll actually be able to get to them, of course hoping that the price of gas will go down.

I had actually heard from someone in my town that Chatham was going to have a gay pride. I know that they had some kind of pride event or dance or something at a centre in our area last year, but I don't know if they're going to do it again this year, and if so, where they're going to do it and when. I hope that it won't conflict with Windsor or Toronto or London's pride days, because if it does, then obviously I'm going to be going to the pride events in the larger cities. I also have some kind of doubt that there are many teens that are going to show up at a pride event in my area considering the fact that I am one of the only ones.

I've gotten some feedback on some of my articles for last month, and I have to say that I appreciate the emails that I get sent. They're inspirational or bitchy, and both of those types make me happy and strive to move on and keep writing. I've been told that my writing style is original and that it's a good thing that I've come along 'since Ty left'. I've had the chance to read back through some of Ty's old articles, and I have to say that he had a lot of influence in my life before I started writing my "paragraphs and things" for Oasis. I think that Ty was an awesome contributor to Oasis, and that I speak for many of us when I say that "we miss you, Ty. Stay beautiful you!"

Hmmm... musical preference this month... let's see... the song for this month is going to be... Backstreet Boys - The One. You want inspiring, tear jerking, and a 'memory of summer' all in one? Both of my favorite songs by the Boys (The One, and Larger Than Life) have all got a good beat to them and are have lots of interesting vocals. My favorite part in The One is when they stop all the music, and all you hear are the guys saying "I'll be the one, I'll be the light, where you can run to make it alright.. I'll be the one..." blah... I may or may not have the words correct, but hey, that's life. If you want to email me and correct me, feel free. RYAN PHILIPPE!! I haven't forgot you!!!!! I STILL LOVE YOU BABY!!! Erm.... yes.

Oh, and if you have suggestion for a song that you think I might like, let me know. I'm not the best versed on music all the time. I try to keep up with 931 DRQ (in my area - detroit approximately), and I find that I'm usually a week or so ahead of the crowds with my prediction on good dance music, but hey, if you've heard something that's really awesome, let me know of the title so that I can go out and have a listen too.

This may sound stupid and weird, but I have to say that I love writing for Oasis. If you compare this to english class, I have to say that I find writing in the 'style' that I do now is much more relaxing and fun than writing something with an obvious introduction, body and conclusion. Hell, for Oasis, your punctuation doesn't even have to be correct, and that's what I like most about it. Anyone can write just about anything (there ARE rules), and you don't have to worry about an editor changing around your words and screwing up the meaning of your sentences. So.... OASIS rules, girlfriends!

Ohh yeah... I wanted to say.. If ANY of you are reading this and are in the Toronto areas, or Windsor, or London, and you need info on pride events and stuff, gimme an email. I try to keep up with things, and I think that it would be cool if I could meet up with a lot of you if you're already going to be attending any pride events. Obviously it's going to be a little more than difficult to find anyone in the masses on Church St. in Toronto on Pride day, but hey, it's worth a try. We might even be able to get more than a few of us together and all go to Starbucks or something and have some specialty coffees, or just plain coffees, or steamed milk, or whatever you like to drink. MMMM.... caffeine.

You know what's depressing? I THINK I AM GOING TO GO BALD! I'm SOOO not even joking here. My dad is bald, and so is his father. The only hope that I have is that my mother's father still has a full head of hair. I can just hope that I am blessed by nature (hahaha... STOP thinking right there.. I know what you're going to say, and I'm blessed ENOUGH when it comes to that.) and that I will still have a full head of hair when I'm 80. Well, a full head of hair will be nice, but I also hope that I'll have a dedicated man and that I can grow old with someone... Again, I may be babbling, but among my ultimate fears lie STD's and growing old without someone to love and someone to love me back. Bah.. now I'm getting all sappy. **SNORT**

Jeffie got a new haircut!! YAY FOR HIM! If I get the chance, I'll take some more pictures with my digi-cam and put them up on my website. It's kinda a new 'messy' look... I am gonna dye it too - probably a bright orange - any suggestions, people? If you know what I look like (see previous link), compare to my existing clothes... can you see 'orange' for my hair? No, oui?

My battery is about dead people, so I'm going to end this now.

Everyone of you do me a favor and stay as beautiful and as wonderful as you already are. Live long and prosper - drink Diet Coke! :P lol

See you next month!

Jeffie is a computer geek that lives in Chatham Ontario Canada. His sadistic webpage is found here, and you can go see how ugly and fat he really is, then email him by clicking here and making fun of him. Jeffie loves feedback from his readers, and reads and responds to every single email, so hop to it, and get writing people!

Stay beautiful!


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