April 2000

Golden Goodness

There are some things that get under my skin and annoy me to the point that I get really bitter and pissy. This isn't like me, I tend to be a pretty easy-going all-encompassing kinda girl, but really? There are just a few things I can't stand. This is not to say I don't find myself doing it... I do, on occasion... it's just something I've come to realize effects us all. Before I continue on with this vague intro, let me tell you what I'm referring to. Negativity. Bad attitudes. Whiners.

We all have bad days... whether it's sparked by that annoying cowlick on the back of your head, your parents' fighting over funds last night or the fact that your shoe lace broke... we all have those days. The ones that make us drag are feet and look down. The ones that leave us quiet and without words at the end of the day. I hate those days. By the time I get home from school/work/whatever the occasion, all I want to do is crawl in bed and curl up with my blankey and go to sleep. Sleep is a simple solution, it's a distraction, it's something you can always do, at any time, almost anywhere, and it's even healthy for you. However, I realized that if I went to bed every time I had an off day, I would've slept through the later 2 years of junior high.

I've learned something though. As you sleep, you miss a lot. You miss parties, you miss great made-for-TV movies, you miss football games, drama productions, club meetings, that cutie in your lit class, and on the occasion, a really good chicken fried steak day in the cafeteria. Who wants to miss all that? Not I.

This is why I chose not to sleep through life.

Okay, you're confused. Let me tie everything back together to emphasize my point. Walking around with a bad attitude, or with a negative vibe does nothing for you. It's kinda like you're sleeping-you miss fabulous opportunities that occur right in front of your face. You miss things when you stare down at the toe of your shoe all day. You may not believe me but hey, take my word on this. I know-I've recently tasted chicken fried steak.....and boy, what sweet, beautiful, golden goodness...



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