April 2000

These past months have been really tough, but everyday I feel the strength to go on...further, and further, beating out whoever did this. I'm in pain, I'm hurt...but I have such a great life. My friends have been amazing, my family has been supportive, and my teachers are very understanding. I'm better...thank you for your supportive letters and whatnot. Much love in your direction.

I got accepted to Herron School of Art in Indianapolis! I know it isn't the most amazing school or anything, but for me, it is everything. Just the fact that I am going to leave this town (even though it is only 2 hours away) makes me utterly ecstatic. I have been in such a good mood all week!

I got a job at a photo lab and I work crazy hours. I have just enough time to get everything done with school and still have a little time to socialize...especially with this guy I just started talking to. He is absolutely amazing! We have so much in common that it scares me! The bad thing is that he is 26...it doesn't bother us, but to others it is sick. Oh well, I need it....

I'm seeing the Smashing Pumpkins in Ohio on April 21st! Woo hoo!



Soundtrack to my life: Morcheeba, Dave Matthews, Tori Amos (mostly Choirgirl), Ani DiFranco, and Fiona Apple....especially since I met her after the March 7th show in Indianapolis!

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