Mike S.

April 2000

Let's Get To Know Each Other

I've been reading Oasis for a while now, and have decided, after being inspired by my pal Jeffie, that I should submit an article. After all, I enjoy writing, it just so happens that I AM gay, so why not give it a try?

Personal Info.

First of all, I'm 17 and gay. Only a few people in real life know about me, including some people that live about 300 miles away that I met at a music camp, my mother (she's cool with it), two people my age in my town, some homosexual teachers (they're just plain cool), and almost everybody on the net that I meet in gay chat rooms and whatnot.

What I Live With

As you may have gathered, I live in a small town with my mom, stepdad (he's cool, but in the dark about this minor gay issue that I have), my dogs, and my fish. I go to a high school with under 600 kids, so it's pretty small, and everybody knows about everybody else's business. This is definitely NOT the place to come out to the world. Small towns are often very conservative, and this one is no different. I'm a junior, and after my senior year, after graduation, and after prom and stuff like that, the town is going to get a shock (maybe).

The thing is, some people already suspect about my homosexuality. People also seem to be taking it alright with respect to the way I act (not too flamboyant, but more so than a regular straight male my age). I think they might think it's just a stage or something. Little do they know...heheheh.


I'm very active with music (esp. with the jazz band), and I play fairly well, I think. I've won lots of outstanding soloist awards and am asked to play different places, like churches and that sort of thing. I like it; it keeps me busy and I have fun doing it.

I'm also into computers, chat rooms in particular. I can get my way around the internet, as well as just the computer itself. I'm no genius, but I can hold my own.

I also play my instrument a lot and listen to lots of jazz music. Music is pretty much my life. I would like to pursue a music career, so we'll see how that goes!


I may as well address this issue. Why? Because I can. Really though, my views on religion are very simple:

I do believe in God, Jesus, and the rest of the gang as described in the Bible. Why? Because, there's gotta be something more to life that just living and dying. I feel that very strongly.

As far as a particular denomination, I don't really claim one. I play in a non-denominational church band, which I really enjoy. Denominations, I feel, just divide people even more when they should be untied in their faith. Just a thought, anyway.

You may be wondering, "Well, what if I don't believe in any religion...what do you think of me?" My answer is very simple: Good for you! You have made a life decision, and I totally respect that. I will NEVER try to push my religious views onto anybody. If one asks about God, then of course I'll answer as best and thorough as I can, but I'll never go Bible-thumpin'.

Some other reasons why I'm so strong in these beliefs is that they have also made me into a better person. I owe a lot to God, and the best way I can repay Him is to be as good a person as I can. Even if I didn't have any religious beliefs, I would still try and lead as virtuous of a life as I could.

Approaching Life

As you all know, being a teen / young adult is hard. Being gay, bi, et al., is even harder. Because of my homosexuality and where I live, I have to approach life with an optimistic attitude. I look at things realistically, but with optimism. I'm also a big anti-discrimination against ANYBODY trip right now, and will be for the rest of my life (go figure). Every single person on the planet is equal UNLESS they do something that hurts a living thing needlessly, whether it'd be emotionally or physically. Then, the aforementioned individual should be dealt with accordingly.

If you're not a jerk, I'm not a jerk back. I'm VERY easy to get along with because I respect people's beliefs, no matter how different they are from mine UNLESS they believe in a form of prejudice or anything like that. That is totally unacceptable.

Other Misc. Info.

I love debating. ANYTHING. Just try me. :)

I love writing, whether it'd be prose or music.

I LOVE sci-fi books especially ones by Isaac Asimov. He was such a queen (not really, but you know...).

I love to laugh.

Listening to music usually calms me down after anything.

There's lots more, but I'm afraid that I may have bored you already. :\ So if you want to know more, please E-Mail me (Mike_17@gay.com) and we'll chat!

Thanks for being here for my first article. I'm kinda excited about it (although I'm not sure how people will like it). That's where YOU come in! Please let me know what you thought about my article. You have a couple of ways to contact me:

ICQ: 56413145

You'll see me in chat rooms at gay.com frequently, so if you catch me there, drop me a line! Please send pics of yourself, too! While I'm not shallow or anything like that, I still like to look at guys!

I'd like to thank a couple of people:

Jeffie - You are just too neat! Thanks for giving me the motivation to write this. You're a wonderful person and dammit, stay that way.

The staff at Oasis - Without you, the preceding writing would not have been shared with the world (is that a good or bad thing?). *lol*

My Father - For giving me the strength to go on every day.

YOU - For reading! If all goes well, we'll see you next month!


Mike is a 17 year old, semi-closeted individual living with his mom and stepdad. He is interested in music, computers, music, reading, music, writing, writing music, listening to music, and other music related things. Mike enjoys feedback and would like to hear from you. Mike can be reached at the aforementioned E-Mail address and ICQ number.

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