Gaycrawler.Com Launches A Specialized Gay And Lesbian Search Engine

A new search engine was recently born and the proud parent is GayCrawler.com (www.GayCrawler.com). The company announced today that its Internet search engine on Gays and Lesbians is now serving the community. The President of GayCrawler.com, Mr. Gerard Spatafora, described this event as "The first step in what we hope will be a variety of worldwide Internet services for Gays and Lesbians".

GayCrawler.com’s search engine sprung up as an alternative to traditional engines like Yahoo! and Altavista. While they contain millions of Web documents, they often fall victim to their own success. In fact, looking for a list of Web sites related to one single subject is difficult as results of researches are rarely pertinent. Furthermore, their database often lacks the Internet Web site surfers are looking for.

With a database of more than 2000 different URL addresses, divided into 110 categories, GayCrawler.com offers a springboard to everyone looking into gay-and lesbian-related topics, whatever the sexual orientation of the surfer. The site currently has French and English versions, with Spanish in the works for the end of 2000. Categories include art, media, cyberculture, community, chambers of commerce, student groups, shopping online, travel and more. In time, other services will be added : email, webzine, employment, a virtual community with chat rooms in March 2000, e-commerce in May 2000.

To avoid getting behind in the database, as well as to allow interaction with the surfer, GayCrawler.com invites Internet users to suggest new URL addresses, to send his or her comments, and to put the HTML codes of the search engine on his or her own Web page.

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